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The best charity shop bargains found in Harrow

Everyone loves a bargain right? Well in Harrow, there’s plenty of charity shops to find them, and some of the items found can be worth serious money!

Whether it’s the British Heart Foundation shop in Harrow Town Centre, Barnado’s in Pinner, or St Luke’s Hospice in Harrow Weald – each part of the borough has at least one decent charity shop to find hidden treasures.

We wanted to find out what the best, and most valuable items found by members of the Harrow Online Group – and there’s some amazing finds in the comments! Take a look below.

“Louis Vuitton handbag for £6.99, genuine one too.”

”Classic Pokemon Cards! These were from the base set, the first ones released.”

“Pair of brand new Doc Marten shoes for under a tenner, 14 years ago, still wearing them now, St Lukes, North Harrow.”

“Bought a pair of jeans found £5 in the pocket when I got home.”

“A lovely golden bracelet, brooches and earrings from Sue Ryder, a lovely sweater from British Heart, a hand-knit brand new cream coloured wrap for £6. Eager to visit St Lukes.”

“St Luke’s on Station Road by the Civic Centre had amazing bargains! Lovely dresses at the moment!”

”Perhaps the best item I found was a Nike tracksuit, never worn, think it was from the early 90s, very retro looking and quality of the stitching was immaculate. I would try a  it further out to areas like Barnet as they often get better items.”

“Signed Harry Redknapp book for 75p, found in Shaftsbury circle.”

”I found a vintage He-Man figure still in the box at the St Luke’s Charity Shop in Pinner. Sold it on eBay afterwards for £75.00. Never had so much luck from one buy.”

”Beautiful Lulu Guinness basket for £2.49 in St Lukes Harrow Weald! Had it about 9 years and use it every summer!.”

“Moncler jacket for £15 from St Luke’s in Pinner.”

“I found a box of Lego at one in Pinner, it had lots of Super heroes which are the rarer mini figures to find, the whole lot must of been worth at least £200 but I got the box (which was also official Lego) for only £10.”

“One that I would love to share, I donated my wedding dress to the St Luke’s in Harrow Weald store about 9/10 years ago as I was doing a clear out and thought I’m not going to need it or use it anymore, don’t know how much they sold it for, but they obviously did, then to see it again only last season in St Luke’s in Harrow Town Centre with a few different touches on it and they had it for sale for £150 still with veil and it still looked impeccable.. it was nice to see it looked great, even with the little extra touches to it…wow a dress that is well over 20 years old is still going strong.”