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Victim scammed out of £1,000 by fake traffic warden operating in Harrow

Police have warned residents in Harrow about a male posing as a traffic warden trying to scam people out of money.

Yesterday (19 May), a person lost £1,000 via fraudulent transactions made by the man posing as a traffic warden. The incident happened near Lloyd’s Bank in Harrow Town Centre at around 1:30pm.

Posting via the OWL website, Harrow Police said: “On Thursday 19/05/22 at around 13:30 hours, victim was visiting the Harrow Shopping area and parked their vehicle near Lloyds bank displaying their disabled badge.  Upon parking, an Asian male knocked on victim’s car window and said that they will get a ticket if they don’t go and register their car from the machine and enter their blue badge number.

“Victim got out of the car and slowly walked to a ticket machine based on Lyon Road. The male appeared to be wearing a traffic warden uniform. At the machine he asked the victim to insert their bank card into the machine and then add PIN number.  It did not seem to work and the machine did not return the card.

“He asked the victim to try and again with another card and once again victim entered the pin but the machine did not return the card. The male then left the victim saying to check their car registration numbers, then he disappeared.

“Victim became very anxious and slowly walked towards the nearest bank explaining the situation and they (staff at the bank) immediately looked into victim’s account and saw that fraudulent transactions were made through cash withdrawals totalling £1000 from their debit card.

“In addition there were several attempted fraudulent transactions made on victim’s cards.”

Source: OWL