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How much does a pint of Guinness cost in Harrow?

Like other members of the general public, one acknowledges the dyer complexity of our global economic crisis through the soaring alcohol prices.

The turmoil of a post-Brexit United Kingdom, a worldwide pandemic – the barrage of these events solidified in oneself when brushing the condensation from a freshly poured Guinness, and the barkeep uttered, “that will be five pounds eighty, please,” one thought, Christ, we are in a pickle.

Mr Arthur Guinness’s creamy stout is a staple choice among most pubs in the Harrow borough. The Wetherspoons chain is a cheaper alternative to most pubs, and the iconic black and white stout is no exception. A pint of Guinness in The Moon on the Hill is three pounds nineteen, a pleasant delight these days. The avenge price around the Harrow area for a pint of Guinness will be around four pounds, pubs like The Laurels, Buckley’s and The Three Wishes. The Cosy Bar in Harrow Weald (unfortunately not open any more) was agreed among Guinness connoisseurs as the best pint in town. The Cosy Bar’s secret may have been a clean pipe system, or that their clientele were Irish men.

The Castle, a quaint pub on Harrow on the Hill open in the early nineteen hundreds, has a rich and fascinating history. The Castle is one of the most expensive pubs to drink in Harrow but a sound choice for a few quick pints after a scenic walk. The price of a Guinness in The Castle is five pounds eighty.

The distance between The Castle and The Moon on the Hill is a staggering three-minute drive up the hill. Perhaps, the exertion of fuel may account for the price discrepancy.