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New Chinese takeaway to open in Harrow Town Centre

There is no shortage of takeaways in Harrow, but when it comes to a fast, fresh and healthy choice – options could be limited.

A new Chinese takeaway, Wok & Go, is opening in the centre of Harrow. There are a few locations already spread across the country, mainly in northern areas like Manchester, Chester and Liverpool. The company began to grow quickly and soon become a regional favourite. Talking to one of the new owners, Milad, we found out that the first store opened in Chester in 2008.

The idea for the takeaway came from the founder touring Asia and falling in love with the food. Following this he went to New York where he became inspired by street vendors making Chinese food fresh on the side of the road.

Having a concept that promotes healthy, delicious is bound to attract some attention. Wok and Go will also be offering many vegan alternatives that has proved popular in locations close by to university campuses.

More and more restaurants are beginning to invest in supplying vegan ranges due to the increasing amount of people choosing to indulge in a meat-free lifestyle. The ability to choose exactly what you want in your meal is something that the chain prides itself on. Whilst they do sell pre-decided combinations, the customer can pick out each ingredient and watch it be cooked in front of them. With more and more people becoming health conscious, it is great to be able to see how your food is being prepared.

In the beginning the chain struggled to grow in London due to logistical reasons. When asked if they were concerned about competition with similar restaurants such as Wok To Walk, Milad said that they weren’t worried due to their business models being completely different. He said: “They mainly cater to central London and tourists whereas we aim to become a high street staple”.

Briefly touching upon business through the pandemic, Milad explained that they adapted the way their stores worked, they had gone from a mainly in-store customer presence to a quick rise in delivery orders which continued up until now with around 50% of orders being through services such as UberEats and JustEat.

With the opening of the new branch, Wok & Go hope to immerse themselves in the Harrow community and are aiming to hire directly from the area.

They plan to soft launch in two weeks with a grand opening at Station Road, Harrow Town Centre, shortly after. Customers can expect a DJ and 50% off over the first weekend of opening.