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Where is the best place to get a cup of coffee in Harrow?

There’s plenty of coffee, and plenty of places in Harrow that you can find a decent one, but who offers the best in the borough?

There are branded chain shops all over Harrow, from Caffé Nero in Pinner, to Costa Coffee in Hatch End, to Starbucks in Harrow Town Centre, it seems you cant go to any high street across the borough without being bombarded with big brand coffee shops.

It’s not just cafes and coffee shops, many high streets and town centres have experienced growth in eateries, fast food outlets and restaurants since people started shopping online, although, sadly, many of these didn’t survive the pandemic which hit hospitality (and the arts) the hardest.

Many of the bigger named coffee shops do offer an exceptional variety of blends, we wanted to find out more about the little places that aren’t as well known – or as popular necessarily, places that you could sit down quietly with a friend and would get Ethiopian-standard coffee, a location that wouldn’t feel out of place in a small Italian village.

We asked 35k people in our Facebook group, here’s what they said….

“Wow where do I start, I think that it’s just a case of finding the right balance of freshness and bitterness, as coffee has to have a sharp edge to it, I still think that the best ones are big shops but Dolls House on the Hill make a great coffee.”

“Harry’s Cafe! Service with a smile, great coffee and even better cooked breakfast/lunches and snacks. You won’t pay ridiculous prices either. A nice little place tucked away from the noisy hustle and bustle. Try it!”.

“Ancona for the smoothies and food and Bru for the desserts and Frappe.”

“In Central Harrow, Caffé Nero. It’s a shame Miriam’s Munchies closed. The new place in Wealdstone, Mule, is really nice and the one in Pinner by Sainsbury’s is good!.”

“The LP Cafe in Watford.”

”Gino’s Cafe in Harrow Weald do lovely coffee. It’s a little Italian cafe opposite Lidl in the High Street.”

”Harrow Coffee Haven at Harrow Garden Centre on Headstone Lane.”

”Usually the smaller ones are the better ones, on Stanmore Hill there’s a couple, but if you look along Stanmore Broadway in general you’ll find lots. It not about the price as sometimes you have to pay for quality to be honest, even if it’s a pound more of so if you have it spare of course.”

“Red Brick in Wealdstone make coffee to die for, I hope people say the same as they’re really good and friendly staff too which goes a long way.”

“Doll House on the Hill is good for
Coffee and tea.”

“Daisy’s in the Park, they make nice food and coffee to be honest. They’re in Pinner Memorial Park and everyone that goes should give them a try.”

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