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Harrow woman reports bank card robbery in hospital car park

A woman from Harrow has allegedly lost over £1000 after reportedly being robbed of her bank card in Northwick Park Hospital car park.

Posting via the Harrow Online Public Group, the alleged victim’s daughter said: “At 11:35 this morning, [14th June] my mum and sister came out of Northwick Park hospital and walked to the car park ticket machine. The machine wasn’t working for my sisters Apple watch so my mum went to use her card.

“As she was trying to insert it in the machine a man came up behind them and as she was putting her PIN number in he began to talk about the machine not working, my mum got confused and didn’t see him take the card from the machine he then left in a hurry.


“10 seconds later my mum realised her card wasn’t there and straight away blocked it on her app, and called the bank straight away to report her card stolen.

“In the meantime this man had gone to Kingsbury and withdrawn £500 from her account.

“So the block button on the app don’t work
It only gets worse….While on the phone to the bank this person has open 3 online accounts in my mums name and transfers £300 to each one also sent £300 to a moonpay account.

“It dosnt stop there either, the fraud people at Barclays couldn’t even stop what this person was doing. He changed my mums contact details all while she was talking to the bank and they tried to make several more transactions. This guy knows his stuff.

“The only thing I’m grateful for is my mum and sister wasn’t physically hurt

“The man was about 5ft 8 approximately, dark skin wearing all black, black hat and a black mask. I’m guessing this wasn’t his first time. Please please be vigilant and trust nobody.”

She later updated the post adding: “Police now have all details and fingers crossed will look further into it, but the police officer at South Harrow station told me this wasn’t the first one to be reported today.

“A lady of the same age as my mum (75) reported same thing with same description as man in a super market car park in Greenford today…

“Please please be careful. Anybody with older relatives who live alone please look after your elders. It can happen to anybody and although my mum wasn’t hurt physically, this has really shook her…I feel helpless….

“I can’t even find the words…When you read about this kinda thing it’s happening to somebody else, you never think you would fall victim to yet another one of these crimes that happen so often.

“Only it didn’t happen to me, it happened to my mum and it makes me feel sick to the bottom of my stomach. It can happen to anybody that’s why I’m speaking out…”

Harrow Online reached out to London North West University Health Care Trust, who look after Northwick Park Hospital, they said: “The trust can’t comment  at present as this is subject to an ongoing investigation.”

Met Police confirmed that the incident was reported on 14 June, there’s been no arrests and enquiries are ongoing.

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