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Where to eat, relax and sunbathe in Harrow on the Hill

In the mysterious, bewitching, age-old land of London, ‘Harrow On The Hill’ is a must-talk topic to hit a chord right now with this coming weekend.

The place has captivated the hearts of visitors for centuries, and while we know there is a tube-strike, why not go around locally and admire the beauty of ‘Harrow’. Do you agree?

Hilly regions, blocks filled up with ancient history, and a landscape that allows travellers to feel as though they’re in a magical chronological period. Of course, Harrow’s allure is well-documented and somewhat thrilling, we think!.


On your visit to Harrow on the Hill, you’re more likely to experience the history of World War 2, life of King Charles I, and the story of the little town would want to make you dig into the history behind the land’s infrastructure as well as the famous characters who left a
mark on the hearts of the town. Read more about how you could spend your time this weekend at Harrow on the Hill.


Harrow School

Think of the famous Indian former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sir Winston Churchill or Lord Byron – they all studied at Harrow School. For those unaware, Nehru had a scholarship to study in the UK and the school is just a memorable visit to all followers. Based on the hills of Harrow, the school lanes will make you feel nostalgic too.

Where to eat, relax and sunbathe in Harrow on the Hill Harrow Online
Credit: Harrow School

The famous Hills of Harrow

Are you a fan of beautiful scenic views? Then this location is a must for a relaxing time with a view straight to Wembley Stadium as well as to our own little neighbourhood. This is a perfect place to relax and sunbathe while the temp is rising in the UK.

Harrow Church

The land’s natural beauty is amplified by the effortless St. Mary’s Church which is tall and looks like a shard where visitors can also see far and beyond the High Street of Harrow. This church is situated on the summit of the hill, consisting of a nave, chancel and aisles. The font and west doors of the church are worth a pic to be shared among your nearest and dearest.

Where to eat, relax and sunbathe in Harrow on the Hill Harrow Online
St Mary’s Church, Harrow on the Hill. Credit: Harrow Online

Doll’s House Café

Ever fancied a café where the interior looks like you are somewhere in a fairyland? Well, this place is exactly located on the Hills of Harrow with beautiful scenic views. While you walk down the hill, you could of course catch up with a little ‘tearooms’ talk with your loved ones. Here, you will feel as though you’re sampling a
taste of a bygone era in a jet-setting, ancient times outing.

Where to eat, relax and sunbathe in Harrow on the Hill Harrow Online
Doll’s House on the Hill, Harrow. Credit: Harrow Online

The Connoisseur

If you are craving some masala Indian food walking up the hills of Harrow, don’t worry we’ve got a spot at a lovely restaurant where you would feel almost transported to India! –  The cuisine is perfectly simplistic- Chicken Tandoori with a squeeze of lemon and voila, the food is outstanding.

We believe that no matter what image you have in your mind’s eye, Harrow is one of the few locations in London where reality exceeds expectations. We are sure your day spent at Harrow on the Hill will help you experience the past, will leave you with goose bumps. One thing is for sure – Harrow on the Hill has a fascinating history that’s worth knowing about.

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