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Yoga classes for beginners starting in North Harrow

Yoga for beginners will be starting in Harrow shortly that promise to take residents on a ‘spiritual journey’.

Soham Yoga presents yoga classes for beginners at the Savoy Court Community Centre in North Harrow. Yoga is one of the oldest practices that traces back over 5,000 years and originates from North India.

The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit and is a spiritual practice with it’s purpose being to unite and harmonise ones mind, body and soul to nature and the Universe. Yoga has developed over the years and is used for physical and spiritual healing.

Yoga has been practiced for generations and has many benefits such as;

● Increases flexibility, balance and strength.
● Helps maintain physical and mental health as well as releasing stress/pressure.
● Yoga is practiced as a form of meditation.
● Relieves joint/limb/muscular pains.
● Calms, eases the mind and increases focus.
● Soothes/relieves internal uneasiness.

Yoga classes for beginners starting in North Harrow Harrow Online
Savoy Court Community Centre, North Harrow. Credit: Google Streetview

To further perform this practice, Soham Yoga proudly presents Yoga classes for beginners, taking you through your spiritual journey. Basic equipment is provided by the organisers and there are bus/train station routes to reach the Savoy Court Community Centre, located next to The Gym in North Harrow.

Organisers say that classes are due to be held on Mondays from 6:30pm to 7:30pm and will be available for all ages. This is good for family bonding as well as individual journeys, and whether you are experienced in Yoga or not, everyone is welcomed to come along and give it a try.

To find out more and book tickets, click here.