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Harrow residents vote health services ‘poor’ across the borough

Harrow Online conducted a residents poll and feedback forum to determine residents thoughts about health care services within the borough.

Results of the poll unfortunately proved that most people consider them to be of ‘poor’ quality.

We asked members of our public group to vote in a poll with residents asked: “How do you rate health services in Harrow?”. The poll options included Excellent, Good, Adequate, Poor and Very Poor with people given the option to vote for more than one category.

At time of writing, 50% of people voted ‘Poor’.

Here are a few of the comments received from Harrow residents….

“I think NWP, and Belmont Health Centre are excellent and all the healthcare professionals do a fantastic job given the circumstances, everyone should be bloody grateful to the NHS.”

“Gp direct have been amazing the last 2 years. They have a pretty good system of telephone and face to face appointments and the triage is very good. My daughter had infected chicken pox and was dealt with very quickly but safely too within a couple of hours. Older son has complex medical issues and one of the Gps has gone above and beyond to help us with different hospitals (even during the pandemic) even ringing him to check up on him. Can’t fault them at all.”

“Would like to be able to see my GP without running the gauntlet via the receptionist who asks personal questions then they decide the outcome….this can’t be right…they are not medically qualified!!!.”

“My GP St Peters is very good. I do it all online now. They get in touch normally with 24 hours of an e consult will see you face to face if needed or deal with it on the phone.”

“I’m with GP Direct for 25+ years and they have told me I’m a very complex case. I suffer with a very wide range of things, Fibro, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, mimi strokes, chest problems, nerve damage, COPD and thats without my mental health. Even when I’ve moved away ive always stayed with them, I’m back closer now, I’ve always seen the same Doctors I’ve asked for, they are a brilliant surgery and have helped facilitate all of my needs and helped with others. The staff and GPs are brilliant, even if I’ve needed to be seen multiple times aweek they are very caring. It’s not the Drs fault that we have to call and wait for a text to get our appointments, covid did that to us and hopefully it will go back to normal soon.

“I had an operation a couple of weeks ago. The morning after l came home the STARS team came. Every day a member would come nurse, physio whatever was needed. They are brilliant.”

“Compared to population in Harrow, there is a need for another hospital and/or few more GP/Clinics.”

“Our GP practice is fantastic! Simpson House medical centre. Always helpful and courteous!.”

“Elliott Hall med centre, have been great, never any trouble getting appointments and staff always friendly.”

“Not good. I tried to get a GP appointment for sorting out eczema in my ear canal and was only promised a phonecall (which would have been pointless, obvs they’ll need to look) in 22 days. I went private in the end.”

“My GP at St Peter’s medical centre is amazing! They are all courteous and after filling a form online one can see the doctor next day.”

“The Harrow Weald GP is terrible, still having advice over the phone. I don’t know why we pay tax if you can’t get help. I had to go to the doctor privately to receive appropriate help, unfortunately with what I had a problem, it did not qualify to go to the hospital in an emergency, because from there I would be sent back to the clinic and again they would send me a link with directions that really did not help much and now instead of working I would be on sick leave.”

“Wish I stayed at my old Hampstead group practice. At least I could get an appointment!.”

“I’m a patient at the Headstone Road Surgery; I can thoroughly recommend it.”

“I just miss the old days when you could actually see the doctor that you are familiar with and knows your family background and history. It takes forever to get an appointment and if you do, you often get sent elsewhere. My son was sent to South Harrow yet we live in Harrow Weald. We are fortunate to have the NHS but it is becoming a bit of a joke.”