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Boris Johnson’s resignation: Harrow residents react to announcement

Boris Johnson’s resignation today as Conservative Party Leader has left many shocked, some upset and others optimistic for the future in what has been described as a ‘rollercoaster ride’ as Prime Minister.

Johnson, who has been PM since 2019, cited “herd instinct” of Tory MPs for pushing him out of office in a statement outside Number 10 today. Johnson said that “no one is remotely indispensable” and that his intention is to remain Prime Minister until a successor is appointed by colleagues in the Autumn.

We asked over 35,000 members of the Harrow Online Group to give their reaction to Mr Johnson’s resignation. Below are a few of the responses.

“The thing is it’s not all down to Boris Johnson. People blame him for the fuel prices, but the fuel prices are a direct result of the Biden administration. Unfortunately he came into power. Boris (was Prime Minister) during one of the worst pandemic in recent history, there is absolutely nobody who can run this country currently, they’re all just as bad as each other.”

“Not really. He was only ever in it for himself, he lied all the time, he delivered the worst Covid death rates in Europe, he signed a Brexit deal he didn’t understand or read and plunged us into supply chain hell, there’s so much more.”

“Had high expectations as his run as London Mayor was better than current Mayor. He has wasted so much money and made the government machine bigger. Need to slim down government and get rid of waste in government rather than increasing taxes for public to pay more.”

“Worst PM in history. Even his own MPs hate him. Hopefully Uxbridge don’t elect him again”.

“So much hate for a man who’s done his best, I cant wait for the next general election when no doubt Labour will get in and we can all start slagging them off.”

“He did not attend the COBRA meetings and locked us down at least a month after it was blindingly obvious what was coming. He hearded infected pensioners back into care homes His “best” was a psychotic disregard for human life. Shame on you for continuing to support that unspeakable disgrace.”

“Will he be resigning as Hillingdon MP?”

“He has had an awful lot to deal with as Prime Minister. He came in and had to handle the whole Brexit issue, think he did a good job, then he had the worst national crisis (Covid) since WW2, he supported many people during this period and funded a lot that were struggling with the covid grants. I for one wont be criticising him, whoever we get next will have a lot to live up to, and hopefully they wont have so much to deal with as PM.”

“I am positive for the future, I think whoever takes over will hopefully do a good job and we will await the general election with much anticipation now to see what happens next. Change is good and a change of leadership was needed in my opinion.”

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