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‘Suspicious person’ seen knocking on doors in West Harrow

Police have received a report from a concerned resident in West Harrow regarding a ‘suspicious person’ seen knocking on doors in the area.

Posting yesterday (6 July) via the OWL website, Harrow Police said: “On Friday 1st of July 2022 while officers from West Harrow ward were out on patrol, they have been stopped by one of our resident from Shaftsbury Avenue and informed them that a suspicious person is knocking on people’s door and is asking for money.

“This is a reminder to residents and especially to our elderly residents, do not open the door to unknown people unless you are expecting someone. If you suspect that the person from your doorstep is a rough sleeper, Harrow Council now has a rough sleeper outreach team that can assist you with.”

They added: “If the person is in immediate danger or needs urgent care, please dial 999. For more information regards rough sleepers and bogus callers please see the attached documents. Stay Safe!”