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Council leader to ‘make sure development in Harrow is appropriate’

Leader of Harrow Council, Cllr Paul Osborn has delivered a message to residents regarding high rise buildings across the borough.

The message follows the rejection of a proposed development on land next to allotments on The Ridgeway, West Harrow.

The Harrow Council planning committee rejected the development, by applicant The Harrow Gospel Trust.

Cllr Osborn said in the My Harrow Newsletter: “Making sure development in Harrow is appropriate and in keeping with the character of our suburbs is one of our top priorities and a subject I know a lot of other local people care about deeply.

“Residents in West Harrow scored a significant victory this week with the confirmation that a high-density housing scheme already rejected by the council’s planning committee definitely now won’t go ahead.

“The proposed development on land next to allotments on The Ridgeway would clearly have been very detrimental to the character of the local area and more than 1,000 residents who lodged objections agreed. The scheme’s rejection on appeal is a great victory for common sense and for people power.

“Another key priority of our administration is improving the experience of customers when contacting the council.

“Again I know it’s a big issue for the people of Harrow too, which is why we’re setting a new strategy to make council services more accessible, approachable and responsive to the needs of residents and businesses.

“We want to ditch the jargon, improve staff training, better integrate the council’s IT systems and give you access to the information you need when you need it. Please look out for further information about this important long-term project.

“Finally a word on Covid, as rates again rise. If you’re feeling unwell, please test, think about your contact with others and do all you can to protect those most vulnerable in our society.”