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5 of the best nurseries in Harrow according to Google reviews

A nursery is a learning space for children where they have fun, explore and gain various skills enabling them to become independent and confident as they get prepared for school.

Within the borough of Harrow, there are various nurseries catering to the needs and requirements of children, parents and carers. Have a sneak peek at some of the best nurseries in Harrow according to Google reviews.

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Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery: This nursery provides a stimulating, nurturing atmosphere for babies and toddlers from the age of 3 months till their pre school years. Prominence is focussed on learning and implementing an array of methods based on learning and play. At the same time, the team at Monkey Puzzle ensures each child is surrounded by a safe and secure setting in addition to structured activities keeping them busy while they have fun. There are dedicated rooms pertaining to different age groups and each room brings out the seven areas of learning. Facilities are carefully considered so that they are accessible to each child.

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery
32 Gayton Road
Harrow HA1 2LS

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Little Aisha’s Nursery: In this nursery, emphasis is ensured they enjoy a balanced and fulfilling experience through free play and structured activities intended to enhance the physical, personal, social, emotional and educational development. Age oriented activities are methodically put together whilst considering the children’s individual development and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The age specific rooms are segregated into Bumblebees (0-2 years) and Caterpillars / Butterflies (2-5 years).

Little Aisha’s Nursery
The Arches
27-29 The Arches
Harrow HA2 8FE

Bright Little Stars Nursery: Bright Little Stars is a happy, healthy and safe learning setting laid out within a caring, stimulating and imaginative surrounding. Children are encouraged to follow ethos of truth, love and compassion backed up by the confidence to accomplish their upmost potential to nurture their independence. Development of children through creative play, learning and teaching is crucial.

Bright Little Stars Nursery
51 Sheepcote Road
Harrow Middlesex HA1 SJL

Growing Stars Nursery: Growing Stars ensures that each child gets uppermost care and educational exposure. The devoted team strives to accommodate an exhilarating and enhancing learning base for toddlers and preschool children aged two to five. There are expansive facilities offering an abundance of space where both indoor and outdoor play can be ensured. This nursery has an enriched environment aimed at age and ability engrossed teaching in the seven specific learning areas.

Growing Stars Nursery
43 Claremont Road
Harrow Weald Middlesex HA3 74U

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Apple Tree Day Nursery and Montessori:  Children at Apple Tree’s progress and achievements arise through encouragement and developmentally appropriate challenges. Teachers emphasis that rich and thrilling learning opportunities are adhered to for the children and also build a genuine joy of learning in them. Staff ensure children view the world with amazement and curiosity preparing them for the lifelong learning journey ahead.

Harrow Weald: Situated in College Road linking Harrow, Stanmore and Kenton.

Harrow on the Hill: Located on the grounds of Orley Farm independent school, Apple Tree Montessori Nursery operates from Harrow Cricket Club.

It will be beneficial to book a tour before enrolment to ensure the parents and the child can get a feel and exposure to the nursery making the settlement process easier.