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Pinner Pantomime cancelled for good as annual tradition comes to an end

The ever popular Pinner Pantomime is sadly no more after organisers decided that is is ‘no longer possible’ to continue on with annual winter tradition.

Reasoning behind the cancelation of the show included; costs and obligations increasing each year with the 2019 event being ‘a particular challenge’, the ongoing ‘risks’ of organising the event and members of the Pinner Pantomime Committee retiring.

Pinner residents have been reacting to the news on social media, with many people ‘devastated’ that the show will no longer be a Harrow tradition.

Pinner Local tweeted: “Pinner Pantomime Evening – Committee News. It is with regret that the Pinner Pantomime Committee have decided that it is no longer possible to continue the tradition in November.”

Pinner SNT tweeted: “It is very disappointing to hear that @PinnerPanto is no more, but inevitable considering the lack of participation and footfall in recent years. Annual community events like this distinguish Pinner from the rest of #Harrow. Hopefully, the event will return in the near future.”

Pinnertrest tweeted: “Well this is bloody awful. One of the unique things about living in Pinner. Pinner Panto was always a great institution and our kids loved it. So sad it can’t continue.”

Wendy Wood tweeted: “It’s heartbreaking. We used to love going to the Panto evening, but of latter years hardly any of the shops were participating, leaving the event looking sadder each year.”

Delia Cazzato tweeted: “No I’m so devastatedloved being part of the @PinnerPanto committee but understand the reasons why not possibleWe can’t lose our #CommunitySpirit I won’t let this happen even if it means creating a #TouristBoard We need people to know how special we are in #Pinner.”

One member of Harrow Online wrote to us saying: “I am not sure if you guys are aware of the sad news that Pinner Panto is no more. This tradition has been part of the area for years and it’s so sad that it can’t continue on any more. Is there anything that anyone can do to save it? this is truly a sad day for Pinner.”