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Famous figures who attended Harrow School

Harrow has been widely recognised for a range of reasons, such as having huge shopping centres, holding incredible events each year and having exceptional schools, one of which is perhaps the most famous in the world – Harrow School.

Over time, people have taken a huge liking to Harrow School for it’s fantastic reputation but the school is also famous for other reasons. Over the years, famous figures have made a huge impact in politics, entertainment, sport, and luckily enough, some of the figures have attended the school.

Harrow School, a private all-boys school located on Harrow on the Hill and founded in 1572, has been the stepping stone to some of the most notable clientele’s careers in popular culture.

Famous British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, who is known for playing the role of Doctor Strange – a powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe attended Harrow School. Cumberbatch was an arts scholar at the school, he was known to join many clubs, such as the ‘Harrow’s principal club for the dramatic arts and the ‘member of the Rattigan Society’.

Famous figures who attended Harrow School Harrow Online
Benedict Cumberbatch

Furthermore, he took part in many Shakespearean plays, amongst others, during his tenure at the school – the establishment was a huge part of the actor’s career.

Another famous figure who attended Harrow was former Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. He attended Harrow School, and despite having challenging days, he left an imprint on a competition for reciting a huge amount of lines.

Famous figures who attended Harrow School Harrow Online
Sir Winston Churchill

Throughout his lifetime, he continued to visit the school, and is arguably the most famous person to ever attend the historic institute.

Another historical figure who has a way with words, and whose works are taught in schools, was romantic poet Lord Byron who attended the school from 1801 – 1805.

Famous figures who attended Harrow School Harrow Online
Lord Byron

Screenwriter Richard Curtis, another famous person who attended the school alongside  famous singer, James Blunt.

Harrow has indeed, left a mark in history for several reasons, and the famous figures that attended the school are famous not only for their arts and politics, but they owe at least part of their success, to our fabulous Harrow School.

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