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Where is investment most needed in Harrow?

We wanted to find out what things in Harrow need investment to help make improvements to our borough.

Members of the Harrow Online Group were asked: “What would like to see improved in Harrow? What needs investment?”.

Now is the time to discuss what ways you would like to see Harrow improved, for everyone – to make our home a nicer place to live for all.

The best responses are below…

“People to take pride in the area, keep their houses in good repair. Less rented properties and HMOs so many now less for people to buy and live long term in area.”

“More street trees, provide shade, cool down the area and support wildlife. And better care for the ones we already have. Also, stop mowing grass verges in such hot weather so everything becomes brown, dead and vulnerable to grass fires. Fixing the problems of sewage in local streams. The problems in Stanmore Country Park have been ongoing since 2019 with no resolution.”

“West Harrow park! Play area is in shambles…most equipment needs to be replaced especially the slides and zip line is broken since a long time. Thank you.”

“Cleaner streets and bylaws about people dumping their rubbish in their front yards indefinitely. Residents and landlords taking more pride in their properties. More signage about hygiene and fly tipping. More wardens checking on properties that are fly tipping, issuing notices to clean up. Better work from the council environmental health team. More incentives for people to come together as a community and clean up. More police patrols on foot and by car.”

“Shops extending their goods displays ( groceries, wares etc) onto pavements should be stopped from doing so. Nearly half the pavements are occupied with their displays. Rayners Lane, South Harrow Station areas are an eyesore!!”

“Cleaner streets, more patrols out to eradicate or at least reduce fly tipping. More police on the streets. More community events across Harrow (markets, parades etc). Not sure if there’s many youth clubs around but I think Harrow could benefit from more of those. And more park wardens across the Borough, would benefit reduction of litter in the parks at least. The availability of parking in Rayners Lane is next to none as well. Cars always blocking up the road near the shops (down by Costa) is horrendous and an accident waiting to happen.”

“I am pleased with the changes the new council seem to be bringing in but I think we are a long way off where we need to be. The whole area could do with investment, especially Wealdstone, it’s falling so far behind other parts of Harrow such as Hatch End for example. Both a very different from each other.”

“Commercial rents need to to be flexible as businesses start up and then can grow incrementally as they flourish. What would set Harrow apart from say Uxbridge or Watford is to provide a different town centre experience to draw in footfall. Apart from the idea for to encourage more artisan retailers take a look at what Uxbridge BID/Love Uxbridge do to attract footfall into the town centre. Harrow is way behind the curve on this. I agree with comments about small grocery shops extending onto pavements. They need to be fined. The battle with fly tipping continues but I’ve seen a step up in action recently. The new Council’s stance against more high rise developments is very welcome. It is a shame there is now no connect between the town centre and the Hill simply because we can’t see the Hill anymore in town and the Hill is the iconic symbol of Harrow. The youth are badly undeserved and that will need some BIG thinking and the community must be involved in that and investment is needed here. There is a huge amount of heritage and history in Harrow. The new Council needs to realise that and use it to build confidence again. It’s no point just looking forward to diversity and inclusion as a focus. History over centuries has made Harrow. Not just the last couple of decades. We have to marry the two.”

“Give residents a resident card like Hillingdon do where we get cheaper parking etc . More better shops like Zara etc. Don’t allow any more food shops in Harrow shopping centre and put more decent retail shops. Stop building so many flats. I could go on but I’m sure other people will have better ideas.”

“More electric charging points, stop people randomly parking on the pavement or grass verges, a raised zebra crossing in Culver Grove outside Centenary Park’s middle entrance (cars whizz down that road in the evenings, and don’t stop at the zebra crossing even if you’re using it).”

“Local parks. Have you seen the one behind the leisure centre, its nasty. One single bench is a joke. There is so much room for more and even a few picnic tables.”

“More investment into the town centre and shops to attract bigger businesses. I love the way that Wembley has had this massive makeover and I feel that Harrow needs to be more like that. They have SO many designer shops, yes there is high buildings around but I think that people would benefit greatly from better retail outlets in the town centre.

“Invest in youth activities in Harrow and get the kids off the streets and into something positive, there are already some good ones but would like to see more.”

“Here’s a thought… Actually enforce dogs on leads in ALL parks, making parks safer for people and dogs. Issue fines to people that do let their dog off the lead. Build some proper enclosed off-lead areas that dog walkers can hire in 30min slots so they can let their dog off the lead in a safe and secure area. Funding generated from hires and fines can go towards maintaining the parks (better dog signage, better lighting, more dog waste bins).”

“More electric charging points There are hardly any in the town centre . Also more points in Pinner/Rayners Lane area.”