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Harrow residents share their positive stories about Northwick Park Hospital

Having recently celebrated its 50th birthday, Northwick Park Hospital has been part of Harrow for over half a century now with many residents being either born themselves or having their own children at the hospital.

Opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 1970, Northwick Park is often the topic of conversation within Harrow Online, whether it be positive or negative. We wanted to find out some of the happy memories and stories that Harrow residents had to share with us about the hospital over the years, the answers as ever were detailed and will no doubt bring some nostalgia to our readers. Here are some of the best answers below.


Harrow residents share their positive stories about Northwick Park Hospital Harrow Online
Northwick Park Hospital

“Wish you had all known it forty years ago when it really was a fantastic and exciting place to work. I worked in Oncology our patients were treated like royalty we even brought our long-term chemo patients Christmas presents and we had a care and comfort fund which would help them with expenses social services could not cover. Despite the health topic, it was a very happy unit and I loved every minute of my time there. I cannot comment on the place today but those days were really quite special.”

“I had 3 of my children there, all safely delivered. Have had appointments too & blood tests, in & out hardly any waiting time. No problems whatsoever. Parking is limited & expensive, just like other hospitals. No serious issues tbh.”

“Had all four of my children there, fantastic, got diagnosed with cancer and within weeks they killed it, 10 years on all good, would be my choice of hospital.”

“Can’t praise the fantastic team in haematology enough. In remission from leukaemia Absolutely fantastic. Had both my daughters there as well. No problems having follow-up blood tests. Staff amazing.”

“Personally had a good experience, been triaged immediately and taken in before I even managed to find space to seat down in full waiting room. You can’t blame a full bunch just because someone had screwed something.”

“They do a real good job under very difficult circumstances  PS: My first job after leaving school, installing all the TVs in old day rooms at end of each ward, took ages.”

“Had both my children at Northwick Park and they were brilliant with mine my daughter was born at 24 weeks and they saved her and I really can’t thank them enough this was 21 years ago but they were just brilliant she stayed in for 4 months and was rushed back in they saved her again they were so good.”

“Born there. In the last 5 years have been in and out for 7days + each time of a serious nature, even Xmas day !!. All the drs, nurses and assistants have been absolutely amazing and I cannot fault them at all. Appointments are done quick and the care from the diabetic clinic is just amazing. I know if I have to go Northwick Park Hospital I’m going where I will get incredible service to the best they can. Will be forever grateful to the hospital.”

“My kids are born there, I had twins and toxic pregnancy very high risk, my mother cardiac problem !! Amazing people and heroes  Thank you Northwick hospital!”

“4 years ago, I went into respiratory failure and between the paramedics acting speedily en-route, the A&E doctors prioritising me over all of the other people waiting in ambulances and the ICU nurses and doctors getting me on a ventilator, I am here to tell the tale against the odds. My care was incredible and I will forever be grateful. Maternity and obstetrics/gynaecology was bloody awful though. Nothing positive at all there.”

“I was born there, and so many people I know were too! That’s amazing! It’s also part of us, our borough, it’s there whenever we need it. Yes it has a lot that needs to improve, waiting times etc, but I can’t imagine Harrow without it.”

“My 22 year old son went into Atrial Fibrillation. We obviously did not know what it was at the time but based on a 111 call I whisked him off to A&E. Was during covid so I could not go in. It was packed but he got seen immediately as they were notified he was coming. They did so many tests to rule out anything sinister and he was shocked at how many doctors came to consult on his case.”

“I was one of the first patients at NPH back in 1970 when I was 17. It was brand spanking new, so modern and state of the art. So different from traditional British hospitals at that time. It was like being in a hotel, the food was great too!. I remember that they closed up my wound with clips and plastic skin so as not to leave a scar on my neck. I had tests there in the radioisotopes department, and then surgery. My consultant physician was Dr Himsworth. I had an ectopic thyroid gland, and my case went down in British medical history; there’s an entry in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine in November 1972.”

“My Mother died there 12 years ago at nearly 91 years. The staff took such great care of her right up till the very end. So caring and dedicated and I’m grateful for that.”

“They saved my middle son’s life when the cord was wrapped around his neck after birth. They were amazing and so caring!. In addition, they really took care of my mum on the occasions that she has been in there, one nurse even took her washing home when we couldn’t visit due to covid.”

“Did my nurse training in 1988 and haven’t looked back. I met my husband there and have been married 31 years. Also when my daughter was younger she had a bad trampolining accident and the a/e was brilliant. I have never had a problem as I only go to a/e when it’s an emergency. Unfortunately, the poor hospital and staff are underfunded and underpaid.”

“Went into labour at 27 weeks.. My daughter was so well taken care of, as was I. She was in the neonatal unit for 87 days, and I don’t remember having a single issue! They helped me bath and feed her (tricky with all the wires) she was discharged with zero health concerns, and that’s thanks to them.”

“I have personally had good experiences there, been in and out of urgent care for some time and they have been very professional and loving throughout, I was just discharged due to severe diverticulitis which is ongoing yet the care and support is fantastic although I hear others with different views and opinions. But I will say thank you to all of them Irrespective of the flaws others have experienced as we are all not perfect anyway.. Thanks and Kudos All #NorthwickParkHospitalStaff”

Harrow residents share their positive stories about Northwick Park Hospital Harrow Online
Northwick Park Hospital

“The only positive is the amazing dedicated and extremely hard working staff. It’s a shame the system is not more prepared for the intake of patients and the staff are underpaid.”

“I have no complaints whatsoever in the 18 yrs I’ve been going there…my mum been to A & E many times and always got great service..had several appts myself as well as my family members.”

“Back in 2016? I was taken into NPH with peeling of my skin on my head. This continued until I lost 100% of my skin in fact five layers. I was treated by the dermatology department and they were fantastic so professional and my consultant came every day even at weekends to check on me. I was in and out for over eight months and in isolation for quite a while but the treatment I received was exemplary and could not thank them enough they were and still my caring angels.”

“Treated for leukaemia as a child, had all 4 of my children there (and have returned with them with minor injuries) can’t fault at all. Was in A&E Monday as I’d fallen, seen quickly and assessed a fractured wrist, plastered and sent home got a call that evening to go for Tuesday morning surgery, got a call today for a fracture clinic appointment next Thursday. Can’t really ask for much better service than that.”

“Our second baby was born in Northwick Park hospital. The experience was great. The staff was very caring and I would recommend Northwick Park hospital.”

“My child had to have emergency surgery when we were in the 1st covid lockdown they were amazing and I was allowed to stay plus the nurses got me something to eat. From the moment we arrived at A&E and until we left the doctors nurses and cleaners porters were fantastic.”

“Only recently I attended Moorfields at Northwick Park regarding a cataract operation. One of the nurses spotted, what she described as a ‘sinister’ spot under the eye. She insisted I come back the following day to see a doctor. The doctor arranged for this spot to be removed, which turned out to be a cancerous tumour, and I am now awaiting surgery for removal of the cells. I had totally ignored the spot, so I am extremely thankful to this nurse.”

Harrow residents share their positive stories about Northwick Park Hospital Harrow Online
Northwick Park Hospital A&E Dept. Credit: Harrow Online

“My first job there was 54 years ago, I left after a few years and then came back to set up the PALS service with my friend and colleague Jane, in the interim I have had 4 babies there and various medical procedures. I have a always loved the place and the staff (mostly) yes over the years they have had problems but I have never doubted the dedication of the staff and the support I have had especially when my 9-year-old son developed type 1 diabetes, they were epic!.”

“My cousin was rushed in after having a diabetic hypoglycemia she was in a terrible way but the amazing staff in the emergency department and intensive care worked around the clock too get her back on her feet with amazing aftercare god bless the NHS at Northwick park hospital.”

“I have had very good care and support at NWP. I attended various clinics and have done for about twenty years.. I broke my ankle two years ago and was also having a weight-gaining process and really appreciate all the care at all levels. Doctors, nurses, catering and cleaning staff and porters.. Thank you.”

“My children were born there and, some years later, my life was saved there after 10 days in ICU. I have nothing but praise for Northwick Park Hospital and the dedicated staff who gave me the very best care possible.”

“My Father, the late Ramnik Kakad passed away in December of 2020. He was extremely well looked after by the Hematology Day Clinic and Drake Ward at Northwick Park Hospital from July 2019 to December 2020. I cannot stress enough how every member of each clinic and ward looked after my Father. During 2020 he stayed there for over 120 days, and all the staff from the cleaners to the nurses and the Doctors all went above and beyond. I will forever be grateful to all of them for the attention and care they provided to my Father. We are so blessed to have these angels sent from God to look after us. Thank you.”

“I have only had good experiences at Northwick Park Hospital. They diagnosed my cancer in one visit and have always treated me well whenever I have had to visit. Yes, they are short staffed particularly in A&E but they do a brilliant job triaging patients to see a GP or a nurse for more minor complaints that can’t be dealt with by a pharmacist.
I think they do a great job.”

“I took my wife to NPH after 999 told her there was a 4hr wait for an ambulance. On the way to hospital, she had a call to say go straight to Chaucer Ward. My wife went in while I parked the car. By the time I got up there to join her she had been weighed, given an ECG and had bloods taken. Now that’s what I call efficient.”

“I had stomach issues back in 2012, the nurses and doctors at Northwick Park and in Harrow in general, went above and beyond to help me figure out what was wrong, they did not stop until I was happy to carry on with my normal life again. I am forever grateful for the team and everything they do.”