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Some of the most highly rated cake shops in Harrow

When it comes to bakeries, cafes, restaurants and takeaways, we are spoilt for choice in Harrow. But what about cakeries? we wanted to find out what some of the best cake shops in the borough are according to Google reviews. All of the shops selected below have a rating of at least four out of five stars.

Cakes are an awesome treat for any occasion or sweet tooth craving. Cakes can be made considering different types of requirements like eggless and vegan, they are available in numerous flavours and sizes and for all different types of occasions.

Cake Shops bake and sell cakes pertaining to the customers’ requirements.

Reviews have proved that Harrow is surrounded by some of the best cake shops. The list below shows some of the top-rated cakeries.

Cake Inn: Since its opening earlier this year, this fine cake shop based in Harrow Weald uses high-quality, seasonal ingredients. It is known for its superbly yummy and moist cakes without the tendency of them being too overloaded on the sweet factor. The highly recommended cakes are the delicious Chocolate Cake and Ferrero Cake.

Cake Inn
345 High Road,
Harrow Weald,
Harrow HA3 5EQ

The new cake shop in Harrow Weald. Credit: Cake Inn

The Doll’s House On the Hill: This is a quaint tearoom within a picturesque Georgian atmosphere. Although prices can be on the higher side, the service is quick and the most generous cake portions are served within a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Doll’s House caters to vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets.

The Dolls House On The Hill
44 High Street
Harrow On The Hill
Harrow HA1 3LL

Doll’s House on the Hill, Harrow. Credit: Harrow Online

Heriots Patisserie: One of the oldest and trusted sources of cake goodness in Harrow, Heriots thrive on its customer satisfaction rates. The cakes are absolutely outstanding and baked to perfection. They provide an array of flavours and are reasonably priced. if you get the opportunity, check out some of their amazing ice cream cakes, these are growing in popularity and are particularly delicious!

Heriots Patisserie
400 20-22 Headstone Drive, Harrow

Credit: Heriots Patisserie

Honeybees Cakes: Honeybees cakes are free from range and there are different options like vegan, gluten; nut-free and diabetic options. The staff are very friendly and excellent service is provided. Each cake is generously decorated and the sponge is extremely moist.

Honeybees Cakes, 81 Parkway Ruislip Manor
Harrow HA4 5NS

Credit: Google Streetview

With so much available you will definitely be spoilt for choice when you need a cake for the perfect event or even just a pampering sweet tooth craving.