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Nuisance control team tackle noisy dogs in Harrow

Noisy dogs have been an issue for some Harrow residents this week with Nuisance Control Team on the case and tackling the issue.

Posting via OWL, a member of the team said: “The Nuisance Control Team have tackled a noise complaint about barking dogs in the Northwick Avenue, HA3 area. The dog owner had 6 American Pit Bull Terriers housed in a purpose-built outdoor ‘kennel’ structure.

“The continuous and combined noise from all the dogs howling and barking prevented local residents from enjoying their gardens during this hot summer period. Most of the dogs were rehomed following a noise abatement order from the Council.


“The remaining dogs are kept indoors to control the noise and the dog owner is more mindful about noise following advice from our team about noise control. Relieved residents are now enjoying their gardens again.”

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In another post, a separate incident to the Northwick Avenue complaint, the Nuisance Control Team posted: “A dog owner in the Preston Hill HA3 area has been issued with a noise abatement notice after failing to control the noise from their dog.

“Residents experienced loud barking all day from as early as 7am when the dog was left outdoors all day. The dog is now kept indoors to control the noise and longer-term measures have been put into place to moderate the noise from the dog.


“Local residents have reported an improvement in the noise situation and are delighted that they can enjoy some peace and quiet within their properties.”

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