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Wetherspoon pub in Kenton will not reopen following ‘period of forced closure’

After a couple of recent queries relating to the closure of Wetherspoons in Kenton, we can reveal that, sadly, the pub will not reopen.

One person asked Harrow Online: “Do you know what is happening with the Moons in Kenton, it’s been boarded up for ages and doesn’t look like it’s going to open, can you find out what is happening at all?”

The pub, located along Kenton Park Parade, has not reopened following lockdown due to damage sustained during the period it was closed. Other branches of Wetherspoons locally include Station Road, Harrow and Uxbridge Road, Hatch End – both of which remain open.

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A spokesperson for Wetherspoon said: “The New Moon in Kenton did not reopen after lockdown due to damage to the pub during the period of forced closure. There were issues with the Heating and ventilation which then also impacted the structure of the pub (including ceilings, carpets etc).

“All members of the team were able to be transferred to neighbouring pubs including Colindale, Kingsbury and Hatch End.”