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Where do most people do their weekly supermarket shopping in Harrow?

The weekly shop can be a headache at times, especially with food prices increasing at an alarming rate due to the cost of living crisis. Each week, the big supermarkets feature different offers to lure customers making it hard to have a consistent favourite – but which one is the most popular in Harrow?

We are blessed with a huge amount of big chain supermarkets in Harrow, from Tesco to Aldi, we have multiples of all the major brands across each part of the borough. In Pinner alone, we have Sainsbury’s, Lidl and Marks & Spencer – sometimes it can feel as if there’s too much choice.

According to YouGov, the public opinion and data company, M&S Food (Marks & Spencer) takes the top spot for popularity with Tesco second and Aldi in third place. We wanted to find out what supermarkets are most popular in Harrow with residents encouraged to give their reasons why.

Sainsbury’s, Stanmore. Credit: Google Streetview.

After conducting a poll via Harrow Online Public Group, Tesco in Harrow Town Centre is currently in first place with Morrison’s in Pinner Road, and Lidl in Harrow Weald in joint second place. If you’re a member, please submit your votes so we can see who wins!.

Below are a few of the comments we’ve received from Harrow residents when discussing their favourite supermarket to shop at…

“Most of my grocery shopping either comes via Abel and Cole or online directly from farm shops/fishmongers/butchers (lockdown discovery of better quality food, made affordable by purchasing in bulk), with essentials and top-up items purchased in Queensbury Morrisons.”

“Waitrose Harrow Weald is my favourite, not just for the food but I find it the most welcoming and customer service is always great. I go to both the South Harrow and Harrow Weald stores and they’re both really good.”

Waitrose, Harrow Weald. Credit: Google Streetview.

“Tend to do big shops in Watford Asda/Morrisons as Harrow supermarkets leave a lot to be desired especially Morrisons on Hatch End by far the worst I have found for sell-by dates that’s for sure, aisles have cages/pallets in regular no matter what time of day.”

“Tesco Pinner Green. These offers suit my shopping needs as a Clubcard holder.”

“We love Waitrose! We tend to do our big shop in Slough when we take my daughter skating. We also regularly go to Morrisons and get the odd thing at M&S.”

Morrison’s, Hatch End. Credit: Google Streetview.

“Morrisons as it has fresh fish and meat counters, the prices are quite good as well.”

“Waitrose and Sainsburys for mostly bread and vegetables/ fruit only. My main shopping is with Ocado.”

“I found some great deals and offers in the big Tesco’s Harrow. Hindes Rd.”

“Hatch End Morrisons is the best, I love the location as it’s right next to the arts centre where I often visit anyway. Best deals and fresh food. I always look for bargains and have found so many at this shop, in particular, no idea why this is but there always seems to be good offers on in Hatch End.”

“Sainsbury’s in Pinner, and sometimes the Stanmore one too. They have the best bread and cookies which is what I look for the most lol. I want to try some others out and I’m hearing that Aldi in South Harrow is good too.”

Lidl, Pinner. Credit: Google Streetview.

“Sainsbury’s Kenton friendliest in my experience. All expensive at the moment!.”

“What about showing some love for our smaller independent food stores? I go to JP Supermarket in Harrow Weald and have been since around 1991 when they used to sell VHS videos. I find that these little shops are very friendly and they need our support as we head into a hard and unpredictable winter coming up. There are LOTS of smaller shops that offer just as good prices and value that people need to be aware of.”