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‘Amazing’ GCSE results from Harrow education charity

Students at the local Harrow charity Red Balloon are celebrating this year with another great set of GCSE results.

Of all the GCSE exams sat this year 96% saw results that were at, or higher than, their predicted grade. They gained a whole host of other qualifications alongside, with a fantastic 100% pass rate for all Functional Skills exams taken.

Red Balloon is a network of small academic and therapeutic Centres supporting children in Harrow who are absent from school because of severe bullying or some other trauma in their lives. Many of the young people at Red Balloon have worked to overcome immense challenges such as post-traumatic stress disorder, severe anxiety, loss of confidence and agoraphobia. Overcoming those obstacles is what makes these exam results so incredible.

'Amazing' GCSE results from Harrow education charity Harrow Online
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Cathy Taylor, Headteacher at Red Balloon NW London said: “We are exceptionally proud of all the students for what they have achieved in their time at Red Balloon. These results are only one small measure of how far they have come, and should be celebrated alongside all their other achievements.”

She adds: “When students come to us, it’s because they have been missing from school for quite some time. To then see such dramatic changes alongside these achievements is amazing. We know there are only good things in the future for each and every one of our students.