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Residents discuss ideas for new shop in Pinner after card store closes down

As people say, when one door closes, another one opens! and we hope that this is the case for one shop in Pinner that has recently closed down.

The Hallmark Card shop on Bridge Street, Pinner recently closed its doors for the final time, and as we have seen with other business closures across Harrow over the last few months, it’s often an interesting topic of conversation as to what will come next.

Sometimes the closures can bring surprises – after Poundland in St Anns Road, Harrow closed down last month, members of Harrow Online were somewhat shocked to hear that a B&Q would be opening up in its place later in the year.

We wanted to find out what members of the Harrow Online Group would like to see open in Bridge Street. Below are some of the responses…


“It’s probably going to be another franchise food business or split up into multiple units.”

“Something different like a crafty pottery place for kids/adults – paint your own plate, mug etc.”

“Green grocers. Not another nail bar, hairdresser or coffee shop.”

“Not my idea but someone said to me last week we should exploit the Elton John/ Pinner connection. So a memorabilia/ museum shop. I’m sure Pinner gets a lot of visitors exploring his roots, I know because I’ve spoken to people in our shop Foodiewuwdies on the high street. A great reason to @visitpinner.”

“Pinner lacks fried chicken shops or pizza. Should get fair share like other parts of Harrow.”

“A zero carbon restaurant/cafe. Let’s see if zero carbon is possible. No offsetting with trees unless they’re planted locally.”

“As many people have said before on other posts I really want a B&M in Harrow as we don’t actually have one. The nearest is Ruislip and the shop is just so handy, especially with Christmas just around the corner. I think it would be a welcome addition.”

“A proper greengrocer like we used to have. I come to Pinner to use the butcher on Cannon Lane because I can buy the amount I need, a greengrocer who does the same would be awesome! I am one person but I batch cook and freeze meals, often I need only 2 potatoes for a recipe but at most supermarkets, I have to buy a 2.5/5 kg bag and they go off before I can use them.”

“How about a Pizza Hut? we have lost all of the local ones and I would love to be able to go to the lunchtime buffet in Pinner it would be the perfect treat for the kids. Plus it’s not another chicken shop so that’s what I would go for.”

“Why all the requests for fast food shops, I thought people didn’t have the money. Much better greengrocers or fishmongers so people could by proper food and only the amount they want.”

“Scanscene, that wonderful shop that used to be in Pinner in the 1970’s”.

“We all want another pub please. With so many closing why not open a new one with a slightly different theme? I would be happy.”


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