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Get a load of these Harrow legends

Every borough has had its fair share of legends. They may be actors, actresses, singers, screenwriters, musicians, artists and more, but they must have come from somewhere. Harrow is one such place, and it has birthed many legends.

Most of them are celebrities in their own right which is why people love them. As celebrities, they’ll have all sorts of hobbies and some of them will surprise you. John Cusack is a kickboxing freak, Idris Elba is a DJ in his free time and Ben Affleck likes to play some poker. Some celebrities enjoy poker in land-based casinos while others might enjoy a game or two online. In other words, they might go for Microgaming’s Pachinko, table games like roulette and blackjack, and even live titles. But their weird habits make them loveable.

As mentioned before, Harrow has produced lots of legends and they are celebrities in their own right. Maybe you’ve heard of some of them:

Winston Churchill

This one is straight from the history books and he made sure to leave an impact on humanity. He was a British Prime Minister 2 times and the second time he managed to lead Britain through WWII. The Head Master’s Boarding House at Harrow School is his link to Harrow. He was a person that liked a drink or two and didn’t mind a good meal. Films and TV shows tell us that he was an intimidating figure and history shows us that he was particularly gifted at one-liners when conversing or debating with his political opponents. Still, he remains a Harrow legend.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Mr Cumberbatch is another legend that attended Harrow School and he has left his mark on the town and the film industry. The actor is known for many iconic roles so far. He’s known to fans as Sherlock in BBC’s Sherlock series. But he’s also played Khan in the Stark Trek franchise of the 2010s. One of his underrated movies is The Imitation Game, but Marvel fans will know him as Doctor Strange. Either way, he’s a magnificent presence in film and will remain so by the end of his career.

Kate Nash

This is one of the celebrities that still resides in Harrow which is why you can call her a local legend. Kate Nash surprised the music industry back in 2007 with her hit Foundations and has been present in the industry ever since. She paid homage to Harrow when she decide to film some of the videos for her song I hate you this Christmas in the town, and Harrow residents can listen to her amazing voice and see some of their favourite spots. So far, Kate has 4 albums and many more surprises for her fans.

Elton John

There are only a few people that don’t know of Elton John. He has been setting hits for decades and is still one of the best singers and songwriters around. If his portfolio isn’t impressive enough, he holds the highest record for sold copies of a single with Candle in the Wind which managed to sell 4.9 million copies. This was also the song he chose as a tribute after the death of Lady D in 1997. This Harrow legend is alive and kicking, so don’t be surprised if you saw his name at the very top of the UK charts sometime in the future.

Roger Moore

There have been several actors that have portrayed James Bond in the past few decades. But there have been only a few good ones. How good they are, depends on the audience, but people generally love Daniel Craig’s performances as well as those of Sean Connery and Roger Moore. The thing about Moore is that he might have been a pretty old actor at the time, but he did an excellent job at portraying him. For Your Eyes Only, Moonraker, A View To Kill, Live and Let Die, and others will remain fan favourites forever. Moreover, Roger Moore, just like the other people on this list, is a Harrow legend.

These are only some of the legends Harrow has produced. The new Harrow legends are in the making! so don’t be surprised if you see them soon enough.