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Friday, September 30, 2022
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Social media star gives free haircuts to homeless people in Harrow

TikTok and Instagram star Kieran Clark has been visiting Harrow providing free haircuts for homeless people.

Kieran, 23, known by his handle ‘KCTRIMZ’, from Hertfordshire, has amassed a following of well over 60,000 people and visits different parts of the UK helping the homeless by providing free haircuts.

Commenting on his visit to Harrow, Kieran said: “I decided to come to Harrow as every time I drive through I always see homeless people and wanted to help them out.”

“I have been cutting hair for about 4 years and love it. I have been to eat in Harrow before but never cut hair in Harrow (until now).”


Kieran’s video in Harrow has well over 613,000 views and counting on TikTok with the star gaining a whopping 1.4M likes overall.

“I love giving back to the community and feels good, it’s almost like the feeling of giving gifts, but instead of a physical item, I am giving someone the great feeling you get when your hair is cut, which to me, is amazing,” he added.

“I love getting haircuts myself and know that if you feel fresh, it makes life better. I would like to come to Harrow again and do more haircuts for the homeless or anyone really, I would like to maybe bust homeless shelters, and do what I do there.”

You can follow Kieran on TikTok and his Instagram.