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Harrow residents predict future of Gareth Southgate ahead of England game

Having not won any of their last five games, the England football team find themselves on somewhat of a knife edge as they prepare to take on fierce rivals Germany at Wembley Stadium later tonight.

Speaking about his future, Gareth Southgate, who has led the England Football Team to a World Cup semi-final and Euro final, said in a BBC interview: “I know ultimately I will be judged on what happens at that World Cup.

“Contracts are irrelevant in football because managers can have three, four, five-year contracts and if results aren’t good enough then you accept that’s time to part ways. Why would I be any different? I’m not arrogant enough to think that having a contract should protect me in any way from results.”

In addition to the negative results, the Three Lions have failed to score from open play in over seven hours of football and have been relegated to the second tier of the Nations after a defeat to Italy on Friday evening.

We asked Harrow residents via the Harrow Online Group what they think will happen to Gareth Southgate if he loses or wins tonight against Germany and if he should stay or go. Below are some of the responses.

Thomas Brown said: “Absolutely not, he has the charisma of a goldfish. His tactics are hopelessly rigid and outdated. He should have left after the Euros.”

Conservative Party Councilor, Cllr Matthew Goodwin-Freeman said: “Stay. He has turned the knockout losing stage England into Euro 2020 finalists (Chiellini should have seen a red which would have changed the game). Yes, we’ve had a poor run, probably down to fatigue after the marathon of last season and the extra tournament of the Nations League, but I still trust him to get the best out of us as a team. The development he’s brought to England will be taken back to square 1 if we fire & hire now with just weeks until the World Cup he’s been working towards. We should keep calm and carry on. Let’s see what the World Cup produces.”

Steve Gamblem said: “Totally wrong man to lead the England team many players within it have no drive and are not on form Maguire & dyer to name just 2, needs freshening up with a manager with guts and passion.”

Chirag Bhatt said: “Needs to go give it however just for the World Cup the squad effectively picks itself needs a more astute tactical manager which however is proving to be.”

Mark Crick said: “This close to the World Cup he has to stay on. It would be too disruptive to bring in a new manager who would have no chance to bring a squad together.”

Damien Hungsolo posted: “Picks 12 defenders out of a 23-man squad ..uses Saka as lwb (left wing-back) he’s a joke makes England the laughing stock beaten by Hungary …rubbish player, worse manager”.

Linsay Weller supported Southgate saying: “He should stay has done a fantastic job you can’t put a new manager in this close to the World Cup give the man a break”

Dylan ‘Dilz’ Shah said: “Sack Southgate and bring in Wenger for the World Cup then get a world-class manager to build on winning euros. Southgate not gonna do anything so won’t lose too much losing him and replacing him with an interim manager.”