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The NHS needs 100 volunteers in Harrow to support COVID-19 booster programme

The NHS Volunteer Responders are looking for 100 volunteers from Harrow to support the COVID-19 vaccination programme this autumn.

Steward Volunteers are needed across the borough to help support local vaccination sites and Harrow residents are once again being asked to reach for their high-vis vests and book volunteering shifts.

The COVID-19 booster programme has been launched to bolster the immunity of priority groups including, those clinically at risk and people aged 50 and over, as the challenging colder months approach. The significant scale of the booster programme will see it run throughout autumn and winter and NHS Volunteers will be needed throughout.



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As a Steward Volunteer, you will help support NHS staff at vaccination sites in Harrow, such as Volunteers are being asked to commit to at least one shift per week and Shaftesbury Pharmacy, which is just one of the local sites looking for Steward Volunteers.

If you join as a volunteer, you will help with non-clinical tasks, including ensuring efficient and safe movement of patients through the process and identifying people who require additional support.

There are many shifts to be filled in Harrow and as shifts are flexible, and booked via the GoodSAM mobile phone app, this ensures that volunteers have total control of choosing their shifts.

Vijay Arora, an NHS Volunteer Responder from London, said: “I find that just giving even a few hours of my time as a Steward Volunteer feels great. Everyone is so appreciative, and it makes volunteering such an easy and positive thing to do. At my local sites I’ve found that we’ve become a little community, you get to know everyone and I find I miss them when I’m not on shifts. If anyone has even a few hours to share, it’s very rewarding to know that you’re helping the bigger picture. The NHS staff are working so hard and if what I do has been even a little help, it is worth every second. Anybody can do it. It’s so simple, being willing and cheerful is all it requires!”

Those interested in volunteering to protect their community against COVID-19 can visit nhsvolunteerresponders.org.uk to sign up as a Steward Volunteer. If enough volunteers sign up in Harrow to sufficiently support the local sites, recruitment may be closed.

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