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Police issue advice to residents after burglary in South Harrow

Police have issued burglary prevention tips to residents after an incident in South Harrow.

On Sunday 25th September, a burglary occurred at an address at Karma Way, Rayners Lane, Harrow.

The police confirmed that the suspect gained entry via a rear window and conducted a search of the property before making off. An iPad was stolen from the property in Rayners Lane.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen anything to contact them via OWL or by ringing 101 the non-emergency number and quoting crime reference 2013748/22.

You can also provide information anonymously to Crime Stoppers on Freephone 0800 555 111.

Following the burglary, police provided some burglary prevention tips.

“As the darker nights are fast approaching please follow our top tips on keeping your home safe,” they said.

-Don’t advertise your goods. Always keep valuables like tablets and laptops out of sight from windows and store keys away from the letterbox.

-Consider buying a safe or using other storage providers.

-Lock all windows and doors by double locking when you go out, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

-Make your home look occupied: use timer lights when the nights get longer, cancel deliveries if you’re going away.

-Install a burglar alarm. These are proven to deter thieves.

-Make sure your locks are strong enough to keep burglars out.

-keep gates, sheds and garages locked and don’t leave tools lying around as they can be used to break in.

-Keep hedges at the front low and install outdoor lighting, so burglars have nowhere to hide.

-Install trellises and spiky plants to stop burglars from climbing over fences.