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Harrow mum thanks ‘hero’ daughter and London Air Ambulance for saving her life

A mum from Harrow has hailed her daughter and London Ambulance Service medics as heroes for saving her life after her boyfriend repeatedly stabbed her.

Claire survived an attack from her ex-partner who stabbed her repeatedly in her Harrow home after falling asleep. Claire’s daughter, just 12 years old at the time, managed to call 999 using Siri on a mobile phone, ultimately saving her mother’s life.

Due to the severity of Claire’s injuries, London’s Air Ambulance’s advanced trauma team was instantly dispatched; they gave Claire an emergency anaesthetic and a blood transfusion at the scene.

Claire, who has lived in Harrow all her life, told Harrow Online that her daughter, now 14, was not taught how to use Siri prior to the incident and used her initiative to use the service to call 999.

“I am so proud of her as I wouldn’t have thought to do that myself”, she said.

“I am in awe of her. I can’t even put into words how incredibly proud of her I am, she is my hero.”, she added.

Speaking to Harrow Online about the London Air Ambulance Service that came to her rescue, Claire said: “I am so grateful to London’s Air Ambulance for bringing the hospital to me that night and saving my life. Without their intervention and life-saving treatment, I would not be here.

“It wasn’t until after they saved my life that I found out they are not fully funded and are a charity: 89% of their funding comes from public donations.

“I have never shared my story with the media before but I feel strongly that awareness needs to be raised as I’m sure many people just like myself are not aware that London’s Air Ambulance is a charity. I came forward to share my story to raise awareness of this, as without London’s Air Ambulance Charity many lives would be lost. There is not always time to get to the hospital and if they had not attended to me that night I would not be here to have this conversation today.”

“I want to help them raise the £15 million so they can continue to save lives in London.”

Claire suffered multiple stab wounds after her partner attacked her in the early hours of the morning. Claire’s then 12-year-old daughter (now 14) found her bleeding and unconscious before using the phone to contact 999.

On advice to women trapped in abusive relationships, Claire said: “My advice to women who may be trapped in abusive relationships is that if you are going to leave that relationship, make sure you have a plan and can leave safely. Do not tell the perpetrator that you are leaving – when you tell a perpetrator you are leaving or have just ended the relationship, this is the most dangerous time. Get support and make a plan to leave safely.”

“Since the incident, it has been a long and hard physical and mental recovery which is still ongoing. My daughter has PTSD and is very traumatised by what she has been through, but she is incredibly brave and strong and I’m so proud of her.”