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‘Phantom Monk’ – The famous Stanmore ghost story

The third and final instalment of our Harrow Halloween ghost stories takes a look at the famous hooded figure, or ‘Monk’ that has allegedly been seen by Stanmore residents over the years.

Known simply as ‘The Phantom Monk of Marsh Lane’, the ghostly figure is said to have been seen wearing a black or, possibly brown robe and appears at the gates of The Spinney, aka Canons Park, Marsh Lane entrance.

‘Phantom Monk’ - The famous Stanmore ghost story Harrow Online
Canons Park, Marsh Lane entrance.

A former Stanmore resident said: “I saw a man standing at the entrance, just next to the gates. He was wearing a robe – some people said it was Spring Heeled Jack but this figure looked different, a monk-like outfit and a thin frame. Not really experienced anything quite like it before.”

Speaking to Harrow Online, local resident Jason told us: I would walk through the Spinney every Sunday, a shortcut for my paper round. I saw this monk twice, once he was deeper into the wooded area just looking at me – I got out of there quickly. When I saw it again I never went back that way again, I still don’t know to this day what or who it was but it did have a robe-like outfit on.”

‘Phantom Monk’ - The famous Stanmore ghost story Harrow Online
The Spinney.

According to local folklore, the same ghost has also been seen on Du Cros Drive, just around the corner and across at the junction of Nelson Road, both off Marsh Lane.

It’s said that the monk was once a worker at a tower within the nearby St. Lawrence, Whitchurch Church which retains a stone tower dating from the 1300’s.

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