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Harrow residents discuss plans for empty Wealdstone shop

Formerly a recruitment consultants, then a cafe, a vacant unit occupying Wealdstone High Street is currently the subject of discussion for Harrow residents.

Since the closure of Gloria’s Bistro earlier this year, the premises had remained unoccupied. Noted for being a prime location, situated directly opposite Harrow & Wealdstone train station, Harrow Online Group members were asked what they would like to see there moving forward.

Read some of the responses below…

Nishma Shah said: “A gift shop with unique products. It is a convenient location for people traveling by train or bus into and from Harrow and Wealdstone. The shop will stand out from the rest around the area.”

Harrow Open Studios said: “An art gallery would be amazing.”

Jane Britton Hylton posted: “Pop up art gallery. Or why not a record store / coffee shop by day and by night local for artists or DJs to play out.”

Divya MV said: “It’d be a really good idea to use this space for a free community soup kitchen so we can feed the needy. We can never have enough of those.”

Harrow residents discuss plans for empty Wealdstone shop Harrow Online
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Carly Woodbridge commented: “Please relocate Costa coffee to this space. Would be far better placed here.”

Priscilla Sharpe said: “So nice to see this original structure has survived…..a part of Wealdstone that would still be instantly recognised by long past generations…..”

Jason P emailed: “As you have asked, I think the best option would be to open up a bakery in this spot. Not a chain branded one, a private seller, whoever took the spot could benefit from all the commuters every day and sell rolls and hot drinks for cheaper prices. I’m surprised the last cafe didn’t last as it really wasn’t bad at all.”

JayKay Mo commented: “I’d like to see a good old English Pub here. I really do.”

Zeshan Ahmed said: “Awaiting a Ladbookes or Paddy Power to pop up, a dentist or medical facilities would be ideal.”

Seema Hirani said: “Barber shop that sells and repairs mobile, with maybe a chicken, butchers or even groceries all in one.”

Rekha Butt commented: “Community chat pop in area with refreshments available and maybe few activities..info centre.”

Harrow residents discuss plans for empty Wealdstone shop Harrow Online

Andie Wilkinson quipped: “A shrine to The Wealdstone Raider that also sells limited edition memorabilia. If you want some, he’ll give it to you…”

Kim Wilmshurst said: “I’m aware it’s a total fantasy but some kind of youth engagement organisation operating from there would be brilliant. A place for teenagers/young adults to socialise or learn skills and keep them off the streets and away from the gangs!.”

Lee-Anne Amelia Manikiza posted: “You can never have too many outlets for our youth. Failing that a Woman’s centre would also be beneficial.”

Derek Mills emailed: “It may be wishful thinking but how about a modelling shop? For hobbies and crafts – there was one in the town centre any years ago, not sure how a new one would do these days but I’d like to see it personally.”

Rob Flynn joked: “Ooh ooh just thought it might be turned into a barbers we need more hair cutting people in Harrow, there are only four in Hatch End.”


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Linda Neal emailed: “A model train shop Interest of children and adults. A book shop New books to sell or second hand books at a small charge. Have a corner reading area, selling just coffee, tea or hot chocolate. No children (as they need more space) so a quiet, relaxing place for adults to unwind.”

The most popular response was posted by Kapish Bhadreshwara, who said: “A manned police station please.”

What business would you like to see occupying this building? Let us know in the comments on our socials.