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Puppies found abandoned in Edgware alleyway

Three cocker spaniel puppies have been found abandoned in an alleyway in Edgware.

The puppies, who are just eight weeks old, were found dumped in a rusty cage in Edgware on Friday 25 November, as RSPCA reveal a shocking 25% rise in incidents of pet abandonments.

RSPCA animal rescue officer, Holly Walker, said: “These helpless little puppies had been cruelly dumped in an old cage with no food or water.

“The two little boys and one girl are only about eight weeks old, still too young to look after themselves.  I immediately took them to our Finsbury Park Animal Hospital, where they are being treated for mange, an unpleasant and uncomfortable skin condition which results in bald patches.

Puppies found abandoned in Edgware alleyway Harrow Online

“Thankfully, the puppies seem to be quite happy and settled, and once their mange has cleared up, they will be cared for at a boarding establishment before being found forever homes”

Holly added: “Sadly, we’re starting to see the results of rising costs on pet owners. More animals are coming into our care, more animals are being abandoned, and fewer animals are being rehomed.

“This is why we have launched our Christmas appeal to help raise funds so we can keep rescuing and rehoming pets in need like these pups  – and we are urging the public to support us.

“Maybe this was an unplanned litter and the owners panicked when faced with the prospect of feeding and caring for three tiny lives. However, it’s completely irresponsible to abandon these vulnerable puppies like this and we’d like to hear from anyone who knows where they might have come from.

“Anyone with information should call our appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

Puppies found abandoned in Edgware alleyway Harrow Online
Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA have launched its ‘Join The Christmas Rescue’ campaign after the rise in abandoned pets found by frontline officers.

The RSPCA have said they are working hard to keep much-loved pets in loving homes this Christmas by providing support to those struggling and urging animal lovers who are in a position to help to support the appeal by donating during this crisis.

Dermot Murphy, who heads the RSPCA frontline rescue teams, said: “We’re extremely sympathetic to anyone struggling with rising costs at this difficult time but we’re begging people not to dump their pets. It is never the answer. Please, please ask for help.

“We’ve sadly seen a shocking rise in the number of incidents of animal abandonment and neglect our rescuers are dealing with. My fear is that we’ll see increasing cases of animals neglected and abandoned this Christmas as families struggle with soaring bills.

Puppies found abandoned in Edgware alleyway Harrow Online

“We are doing what we can to help, especially trying to keep pets in loving homes, but we are struggling too. Our branches and centres are full to bursting and we have hundreds of pets waiting to get in. We really need animal lovers to help us get through this crisis time.

“As costs continue to rise, the impact on animals will grow. Our new, landmark Animal Kindness Index highlights the stark challenges ahead – 78% of owners admitted that they were worried the cost of living crisis would impact their pets, with 19% of pet owners worried about feeding their pets, and 28% worried about being able to care for their pets, amid these unprecedented pressures.”