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How to find the right digital marketing agency to boost business in 2023

Did you know when it comes to Google, 4.3 billion people use it every day, with 70,000 searches made every second. There are also now more than 2.9 billion Facebook users worldwide, 1.6 billion of who visit the site every day, and 66% of the UK population use the platform.

With those kind of figures, it’s no wonder businesses like yours could use Google and social media marketing to drive more customers this year.

Those stats comes a great deal of competition – so you need to be sure your ads are being seen by actual potential customer otherwise you’re wasting time and money. And the best way to get targeted ads right in front of your audience is to use a digital marketing agency.

But how do you pick the best one for your business?

Here are our top 10 tips:

1. Relevant experience
Most agencies will be able to turn their hand to any type of business but if they have previously worked on products or services such as those you offer, that will be an advantage. They’ll have a greater understanding of your target audience and will know how to talk to them, especially if they’re from the London area.

2. Location, location, location
When thinking about the experience of an agency, think also about location. If you provide a service in and around the London area, it will really help to have an agency nearby. Not only will they know the local demographics, but they’ll also have experience of other businesses in London and know what works and what doesn’t in terms of driving new customers.

3. Sign up period
Jumping feet first into a lengthy contract with anything untested is always a risky business – so try not to do it with an agency at the start of the relationship. It’s best to give an agency a minimum of three months before committing to anything longer term.

4. Know your strategy
Do you know what you want an agency to achieve for you? What would those KPIs look like? Make sure you are all in agreement before signing up.

5. Know your account manager
It will help if you work with the same contacts within the agency, so they get to know you and your business. There’s nothing worse than feeling loved and valued at sign up and then being passed around once your money is paid.

6. Pricing
There’s a lot of truth in the saying ‘you get what you pay for’. Going for the cheapest option more often than not leads to mismanaged marketing campaigns. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

7. Service and communication
The key to any good relationship is honest communication. Don’t get fobbed off by an agency that tries to avoid speaking to you to keep the cost down. It’s important to have a contact you get on with and who knows you and your business, and who is happy to have regular catch ups.

8. Beware of boosting!
If you’ve ever tried to do a Facebook ad yourself, you’ll have seen a ‘Boost Ad’ option. If any agency you’re speaking with suggests this as a strategy, they’re not the one for you. Boosting ads shouldn’t be a strategy used by professionals and certainly not a strategy you should be paying for. It has its place, of course, but isn’t the best use of your budget.

9. Credibility
Do you know how long the agency has been running? The longer they’ve been in business, the more trust you should be able to place in them. You can check their company credentials at Companies House and to see if they are a registered company as well.

10. Results
Does the agency show results for previous clients, perhaps through testimonials or case studies? How long have they worked with previous clients? Lots of very short term accounts doesn’t look great. Again, you can ask to speak to previous clients, or check the agency’s portfolio and contact some of those businesses yourself. If the agency is reluctant to share that info, think twice before signing up with them.

So there’s some food for thought if you are  thinking of using an ad agency for your digital marketing. Find the right one and you’ll really see results. We hope some of these pointers will help you pick a good one for your business.

P.S. We’re always happy to help if you have any questions about Facebook, Instagram and Google ads or agencies, particularly in and around Harrow, or anything else to do with digital marketing.

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