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The Landmark closure – What could replace it in Harrow Town Centre?

With the news that The Landmark in the town centre is closing down this Sunday, we wanted to find out what the future might hold for one of Harrow’s biggest retail buildings.

The Landmark opened just 14 months ago but has sadly announced its closure with a sale held throughout the store this week. The brand replaced the old Debenhams Harrow branch that had been part of the community for over three decades.

Debenhams closed its doors in Harrow back in May 2020 after the famous chain collapsed to the disappointment of many shoppers in the town centre. We wanted to find out what members of the Harrow Online Group would like to see in its place when, eventually, someone takes over the unit comprising three floors.

Below are some of the answers we received…

Andrew Hufford said: “Community type centre where there is a play area for children, places where people can sit down have a hot drink, maybe places where market stalls can be setup, obviously WCs.”

Lou O’Leary commented: “The Range would be good. We need something half decent, the town is becoming downright shabby and miserable.”

Hitesh Kothary said: “Entertainment complex: Ice-rink, bowling alley, karaoke bar, soft play, creche, pop-up food stalls, variety of bars, restaurants (higher end & budget).”

The Landmark closure - What could replace it in Harrow Town Centre? Harrow Online

Anjana Raithatha commented: “We used to have IN SHOPS in Harrow Wealdstone which was closed down. There were a variety of small shops and a cafe. You could buy fresh fruit and veg., stationery, card shop, computers, toy shop, cloth shop, barber shop etc. They can open shops downstairs and a nice restaurant upstairs.”

Jodie Carter said: “Apple shop, beauty base, shoes shops-Like Office/Dune, Flying tiger, H&M home, Smyths toy shop, John Lewis, Lindex, Mango, New look, Uniqlo, Zara. Multiple shops inside the building.”

Pauline Ryan added: “We something to bring shoppers back into the area and give people jobs.”

Ian Higgs said: “The building is too far from the many shopping hubs and too big for any retailer to take on as all the big businesses that may have been interested have now downsized or gone bankrupt because of the current economic circumstances. So it will sit empty for a bit, then be pulled down and turned into flats.”

Teresa Faley commented: “A community hub and/or space for small businesses to stand a chance – section it off into smaller areas at affordable rent for small businesses to have their own selling space…a community cafe, co-working space, multi-use “blank space” area for classes of all types available to rent – lots of possibilities that would benefit the whole community.”

Leona Beckett posted: “Definitely either a B&M, Home Bargains or a bowling centre for the kids. Ice skating or a big soft play. Bring the fun back to harrow instead of more fast food places, get family’s out having fun again TOGETHER instead of children sitting in devices or running the streets.

Rachel Spice added: “Small IKEA …. OR an entertainment complex with bowling, Aqua Park, GIANT soft play or ice-skating. More for the kiddies and locals to do, would be incredible!”

Jo Langford said: “B&M or Dunelms downstairs and a well-missed bingo hall upstairs so us older (and younger) girls have somewhere to hang in the evenings…”

The Landmark closure - What could replace it in Harrow Town Centre? Harrow Online

Manoj Trivedi said: “If there was a food court, a lot of the places scattered around Harrow would want to be in one place. This would encourage better quality and competitive pricing. This in conjunction with venues which attracts people of all ages; e.g. indoor paintball, laser quest, trampolines, bingo, perhaps a bar with live music of different genres every night, a market in the car park at the weekends, similar to blackbushe. Also make the car park free to all users (validated) of the facilities. This will help rejuvenate the area.”

Charlotte Gawthorpe posted: “How about a cultural centre? It can include an art exhibition space with artist in residence, music space with jam sessions and classes, open mic night, literature space with writer in residence and poetry slams / creative writing workshops. Also a bookshop, craft shop, cafe, small museum, wine and beer tasting, meditation centre, martial arts, dance, yoga, pilates, tai chi. Plus a working space for remote workers (desks bookable by the hour/day).”

Hayley-Marie Horan commented: “Community hub… a sensory and respite centre for families with additional needs… pop up shops encouraging local talents and small businesses. Boxing club or hubs for the younger generation to keep busy and sieze opportunities…This HUGE building has the opportunity to do so much for the community.”

Abha Mehta said: “Community learning centres for youngsters. Youngsters can learn social, communication skills. Some kind of Apprenticeship programme for kids who are good at doing practical experience. Place for youngsters who who would feel at home in comfortable surroundings and benefit in learning and developing new skills. Better future for all children.”

The Landmark closure - What could replace it in Harrow Town Centre? Harrow Online


Laura Sincan said: “With all that space…
A nice, safe, decent & modern indoor play area for kids (kids could be left under the care of qualified staff whilst parents can enjoy a coffee or shopping time). In my country they have playgrounds of this type and it’s safe to leave your child playing whilst you do your own shopping.

“Some shops for the parents interests

“A charity which will allow other individuals from different ethnic group to access educational programmes or access to a community with people from the same ethnic group (offering integrity into the community)

“A centre for tuition (english, maths, science…etc) access…”.

Sara Thakkur added: “John Lewis, Zara, TK Maxx and Homsense, please, please, please. Basically all the shops people travel to other neighbourhoods for.”

Jason P said: “I miss the original Debenhams still so not sure what could possibly go there that would be better than it. The building itself is huge so rent would be sky high, I’m doubtful but I do hope that someone takes it over. As people have said a mini Ikea would be ideal, it would probably need to be someone like that with a large budget to come into the town centre as smaller retailers just couldn’t do it.”

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