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Review: Ahimsa The Vegan Café in Pinner

Finding eateries that cater to the vegan diet can often be an arduous task.

The process of rapidly sifting through menus, on an impromptu visit to a restaurant, in the hopes of finding anything akin to edible, can often feel restricting and ostracising.

Many vegans have to revert to extensive beforehand planning to compensate or settle for less than adequate substitutes that, in many cases, leave little to be desired.

However, the award-winning Ahimsa vegan café is an exception in the area of Pinner for its ideological dedication to cruelty-free, sustainable and inexpensive vegan fast food.

Built on the notion that being environmentally conscious does not mean having to subject oneself to a constricted diet; Ahimsa prides itself on providing ample portion sizes and hearty feel-good food. Their menu has an array of choices on offer from breakfast items, health bowls, wraps, burgers and even deserts!

Their clientele often leaves feeling fully satisfied, whilst revelling in the knowledge that their bellies are full of wholesome nourishing food.

Having visited the quaint café myself, I can’t help in noting the atmosphere as chic, and minimalistic but ever so inviting. And being within walking distance from Pinner station I had no trouble spotting Ahimsa straight away. This locality makes it rather perfect for anyone on the go or travelling between places.

Upon entering I was greeted amiably by the staff, and with so many delectable choices, I felt inclined to ask which menu option was most popular amongst regular visitors.

I was ultimately suggested to try the chilli tofu, which I decided to take in a bowl, alongside an assortment of salads and sauces. My food being entirely assembled in front of me allowed for a sense of control and reassurance that many vegans would find accommodating.

In the end, I couldn’t resist having a taste of their acclaimed vegan blueberry waffle with salted caramel ice cream.

Review: Ahimsa The Vegan Café in Pinner Harrow Online
Vegan blueberry waffle with salted caramel ice cream, all vegan. Credit: Namra Tahir

Besides the presentation of the dessert itself being immaculate, the notion that I was eating a waffle made entirely from vegan ingredients hadn’t even crossed my mind as I dug in. Its taste was rich, its consistency light and airy, whilst the salted caramel ice cream aided in adding a delightful zing to the desert. Ultimately I felt it was entirely indistinguishable from the regular waffles you’d find in other desert-specialised eateries.

In totality, my experience with Ahimsa was truly delightful! And it would be a disservice not to recommend this establishment to anyone with a tendency towards mouth-watering vegan cuisine!