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Harrow and Uxbridge colleges merge with Richmond

Harrow and Uxbridge Colleges (HCUC) merge with Richmond upon Thames, opening up exciting new opportunities for students with an elaborate expansion of their STEM department.

The previously independent institutions are thrilled to announce a proposed merger that has since become finalised as of the 4th of January 2023.

The newly-enlarged London college, Harrow, Richmond and Uxbridge college (HRUC) aims to collaborate with the West London Institute of Technology to renovate their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths department (STEM). This expansion will enhance the academic prospects of their students across campuses. Every member of the newly merged institutions will have all-around access to the brand-new building, dedicated entirely to STEM, based in Richmond upon Thames College.

This is a proclaimed monumental partnership between two highly esteemed institutions. Ian Valvona, Chair of Governors at RuTC, has gushed that “The proposed merger is a watershed moment in Richmond upon Thames College’s long history.”

Harrow and Uxbridge colleges merge with Richmond Harrow Online

The sharing of common values, in that both institutions strive to instil a level of excellence in the performance of their pupils, has had a profound influence on the decision behind the merger.

The unification does not hinder the autonomous nature of the colleges since both intend on retaining their individual college names and identities.

However, it does allow for consistent and routine communication between the colleges to ensure the maintenance of high-quality teaching, adequate learning and facilities, all the while prioritising an exceptional standard of their students.

The merger will hopefully allow for a prosperous economic future for the two institutions. In the long term, financial sustainability, though not the primary motivation behind the union, is a considerable factor that cannot be overlooked.

Ultimately the unification will be lowering costs through an equal distribution of resources and expertise of teaching personnel that will ensure financial stability in the long run.

Harrow and Uxbridge colleges merge with Richmond Harrow Online

Since Uxbridge college’s previous merger in 2017, with the institution of Harrow, the united HCUC warranted an “outstanding” certification from Ofsted.

The future of the institutions will undoubtedly flourish given the time, dedication and thought put into the preparation of this radical union.