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House prices in Harrow: What part is most expensive?

The Borough of Harrow, though largely residential, is best known for its leafy streets and traditional suburban housing, a perfect place for those who want to live within easy reach of London while maintaining the quiet tranquillity that comes with its suburban locality.

Though no matter your situation the prospect of home hunting can be a rather daunting venture. For this reason, it’s best to know what you’re getting yourself into before diving into that perturbing world.

Let this article then act as a potential guide to all you wary prospective homeowners, hoping to find adequate yet inexpensive accommodation in the borough of Harrow, in northwest London.


House prices in Harrow: What part is most expensive? Harrow Online

According to the HM Land Registry, the overall average pricing for properties in Harrow was £552,270 in 2022.

However, once it gets down to the nitty-gritty, your locality within the borough will, without a doubt, have a definitive effect on the average price of the property.

For example, the regions of Hatch End and Pinner, though sharing similar overall average pricing for accommodation ranging from £600,000 to £700,000, alongside a majority of sales going towards semi-detached homes. It’s worth noting the closer you venture into HA2, semi-detached house prices are more on par with the overall average for detached accommodation, falling in between the bracket of £900,000 to £1,100,000.

House prices in Harrow: What part is most expensive? Harrow Online

Although it’s claimed that the average property price in the Stanmore area is £628,391, much like Hatch End and Pinner, the actual cost of owning a property in the district of HA7 is rather inflated, with some detached property exceeding £200,000,00.

Harrow on the Hill offers a great opportunity for commuters with its efficient connectivity to central London. In regards to it making a perfect accommodation location for those on the go, it’s consequential that that majority of sales go towards flats.

The total average pricing for the region equates to £505,029, though it’s inevitable that the value of its flats, despite claiming to be an average of £379,466, is ultimately higher, a 1-bedroom flat equivalent to that of a 2-bedroom terraced house.

The average figures in Wealdstone prove to be more reliable, with semi-detached housing prices at £533,996, flats sold at and around £288,499 and the majority of property sold in the area, terraced accommodations starting at £500,948. The popularity of this type of home is certainly not difficult to recognise since the pricing of a 4 bedroom terraced house ends up being only a few £10,000 above the average.

House prices in Harrow: What part is most expensive? Harrow Online

Much the same can be said about the area of Queensbury, with equally accurate statistics. Though flats average at around £303,000, a 2-3 bedroom flat ends up subceeding this figure drastically, in a similar way to flat prices in Wealdstone. Meanwhile, the figures for terraced accommodation again fall in line with the average of £532,629.

With the overall average price of a property in Wealdstone and Queensbury ranging from £460,000 to £540,000, ultimately it may be rather economical to take up residency in the postal code district of HA3.

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