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The changing face of Harrow Leisure Centre

Harrow Leisure Centre, much like any other, offers a place for the outgoing sporty individual, looking to not only get their bodies moving but to subscribe to consistent motivational community support.

However through continuous refurbishments, over the years, the face of this extraordinary establishment has seen many changes.

The centre itself boasts a wide array of sports, leisure and recreational facilities. With 2 indoor swimming pools, several gymnasiums, halls and specialised courts, bouldering and climbing walls, not to mention a sauna, steam room and gym exclusively for women. This immensely expansive centre is an all-inclusive space for fitness, fun and relaxation.

Though it may be intriguing to find out a little of the history behind this prolific recreational centre.

Founded in 1975, the centre’s facilities have drastically changed according to the times. A quite interesting example of this is that once the centre hosted roller disco sessions! This was an attempt to replicate the original fitness activities from the 1970s.

The changing face of Harrow Leisure Centre Harrow Online
The water slides were a favourite at Harrow Leisure Centre

Back in 1990, Harrow Leisure Centre was the proud owner of two enormous water slides.

This must have been an exhilarating instalment for the youth at the time. With the slides being immensely popular, you’d often have to get to the pool quite early to get find a spot in the lengthy queues that would form.

However, refurbishments in 1997 meant the unfortunate closure of this joyous facility.

The changing face of Harrow Leisure Centre Harrow Online
The site of the former outdoor pool at Harrow Leisure Centre.

In 2008, the centre saw a revamp of its gym facilities to include more technology-based equipment while redecorating its interior spaces. This refurbishment cost the council £250,000.

Though it may be interesting to note that a much grander redevelopment plan was scrapped in that same year. Due to the looming recession, an initial £37.2 million would have been invested in the centre.

This would not be the first time that extensive refurbishment was scrapped, however. In 2010, a project headed by architects at the Kier group in collaboration with Sauder’s architects would have installed much of the facilities currently featured at the leisure centre today.

Instead, at the time, council leader Bill Stephenson had promised to opt instead for a combined library and arts centre, whilst proposing a new leisure centre and function hall.

Though the centre has undergone many architectural modifications in its history since the 1970s, it’s undeniable that the facilities now in-store offer its community a welcoming space for leisure, fitness and relaxation.

The changing face of Harrow Leisure Centre Harrow Online