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Harrow Crime Rate: How do we compare to other boroughs?

According to CrimeRate.co.uk, Harrow is the second safest borough in all of the 33 in London, behind Richmond Upon Thames.

With a recorded number of total crimes taking place in 2021 being 14,460, an average crime rate of 58 per 1000 residents, the borough of Harrow is stated to be 34% safer in comparison with the total average rate of crime being 87 per 1000 residents in London.

As of 2023, Harrow still retains its status as the second safest borough in London, though the regional crime rate has decreased by 1% since.


The most common crimes are violence and sexual offences, which rose by 4.7% in 2021 as compared to 2020.

Harrow Crime Rate: How do we compare to other boroughs? Harrow Online


It is worth noting, however, that in the context of the normalised crime rate for this offence, the entirety of London remains at 0.26, with Harrow’s difference at 0.18.

The overall average difference is 0.06 in the normalised crime rate when considering all crime in London, including the highest recorded offences such as vehicle crime and violence and sexual offences.

In comparison, the second most dangerous borough in terms of crime, Westminster, averages above London’s normalised rate by 0.16.


However, if we were to consider the so-called “middle ground” for crime, the borough of Croydon, still being in the top 20 most dangerous areas, where the normalized crime rate fluctuates depending on the offence, the average difference is 0.01.

Harrow Crime Rate: How do we compare to other boroughs? Harrow Online

In regards to generalised crime rates per 1000 residents, the numbers steadily rise from Harrow to Bexley, stagnating from Kingston upon Thames to Sutton and Merton at 62.


The numbers continue to rise again at a moderate pace, from the likes of Havering to Hackney, with gradual inflation into the 100s, until a drastic increase in crime in the two most dangerous boroughs of Westminster and the City of London.

The disparate nature of this increase is, without a doubt, alarming. Westminster’s crime rate is 189 while the City of London is a whopping 665.

The most common offence in these areas are again violence and sexual offence, with 10,673 reported cases in Westminster, contributing to the total crime of 49,381 cases in 2021.


In comparison within the total of 14,460 reported crimes in 2021, violence and sexual offence, the highest ranking crime in London in terms of both count and rate, the borough of Harrow contributed a number of 4,886 offences.

For the entirety of 2021, the borough of Harrow has ultimately remained well below the regional rate of crime, whilst being fairly consistent, maintaining a stagnant flow, in comparison to the fluctuations of other boroughs.

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