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Remembering the Boxtree Pub in Harrow Weald

Located in Boxtree Lane, Harrow Weald, the Boxtree Pub was a quiet, rather strangely located pub, in the middle of a residential part of Harrow Weald.

At the corner of Hutton Lane at the junction with Boxtree Lane, the pub boasted a huge pool area and long stretched bar that covered the length of the building.

Looking back now, it seems that pubs are becoming a thing of the past, not just in Harrow but it many parts of the UK, and people head to more upmarket places to grab a drink with friends. Many of the pubs in Harrow have now been converted into either flats or places to eat, with the Boxtree no exception to the rule.

Friday’s at the Boxtree usually consisted of karaoke nights, you could hear the cackle of laughter from the regulars as their best friends took to the floor to belt out their favourite songs, or at least give them a try.

At the time of its closing, the pub had over 15 televisions, a raised area at the front as you walked in, a jukebox and fruit machines dotted around the venue to keep the customers busy and ploughing money into the business.

Remembering the Boxtree Pub in Harrow Weald Harrow Online
The flats that are now located at the old site

Rumoured to once be occupied but the Kray Twins, the pub was a local favourite for Harrow Weald residents for over 50 years.

Police ordered the closure of the establishment in 2007 citing unsociable behaviour. The pub closed its doors for the final time back in 2008 before it was demolished three years later in 2011 and turned into flats.

Local resident Peter Longfellow told Harrow Online: “The area just hasn’t been the same since the Boxtree Pub went. It may have been a bit rough, and it may have been an old boozer that many people found to be quite loud at night, but it was very community focused and brought everyone together. By the time the pub was closing down it had bright green lights installed that went all the way around the place, they would be so brightly ou could see them from the end of the road.

“I do miss it being here and I would do anything if I could go back to those days.”

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