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Where can you find Prime in Harrow?

You may have heard about a certain energy drink called Prime, a craze sweeping playgrounds faster than yo-up’s and push pops ever did! But can you get it in Harrow?

The drink has become one of the most popular energy drinks over the last 12 months, with many different flavours available including Strawberry & Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Lemon & Lime, Meta Moon, Tropical Punch, Ice Pop,  Grape, Orange and a new limited edition Orange & Mango.

At around 20 calories per bottle, the drink is 10% coconut water, has vitamins including B and BCAAs, electrolytes and no sugar at all.

‘Prime hydration’ is a sports energy drink launched by influencers Logan Paul and KSI. Upon its launch, the pair said they will “rival some of the biggest companies on Earth”. The stars are no strangers to sports with Logan Paul launching a career as a pro wrestler with WWE, and KSI continuing to gain momentum in the boxing world.

The drink itself has become somewhat of a ‘craze’ that reminds you of the days gone by of fidget spinners and eclipse clothing.

So, if you have young children, particularly aged 10–15, you would have probably already heard about the drink – but where can you get it in and around the Harrow area?.

Now, before we start you will find many smaller retailers selling Prime for around £8 – £15 per bottle, we’re not going to include those because, frankly, it’s daylight robbery paying those kind of prices – especially knowing that children are likely to spend their pocket money on the drink.


Where can you find Prime in Harrow? Harrow Online
The mini Asda can be found inside. Credit: Streetview

Esso Petrol Station (Belmont Circle)

You can find Prime at petrol stations that have Asda on the Move. Each sale is limited to 3 per customer, we’ve only managed to find the Blue Raspberry, Lemon & Lime and Tropical punch flavours so far.

Where can you find Prime in Harrow? Harrow Online
Asda, South Harrow

Asda (Northolt Road, South Harrow)

Asda was the first supermarket in the UK to stock Prime. They are still your best bet to find them although, again, some stores limit the amount you can but to three per customer. I’m addition to this South Harrow Asda, the Wembley branch also a stockist and seems to be supplied at a faster rate.

Where can you find Prime in Harrow? Harrow Online
Aldi in Eastcote

Aldi (Field End Road, Eastcote)

Also became the second of the big supermarkets to stock Prime. Both Morrisons and Sainsbury’s are expected to join soon. You can find Prime at this Eastcote branch, they also sell it in Ruislip at the Old Dairy.


Where can you find Prime in Harrow? Harrow Online
Costco, Bushey

Costco (Bushey)

If you like buying in bulk, you’ll likely have a membership to Costco in Bushey. This sells Prime by the crate load and you get 12 bottles in each. The day we visited only the Blue Rasberry flavour was in stock but you might find others.

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