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A look at Harrow’s changing demographic profile

Harrow is well-known for its diversity, especially for its large population with a large influence and presence from all cultures that you can think of.

However, Harrow has seen a considerable change in its demographics in recent years. The Office for National Statistics reports that while the population’s percentage of White British people fell from 34.3% in 2011 to 25.9% in 2019, the percentage of Asian people rose from 43.2% in 2011 to 50.3% in 2019.

The various businesses that have popped up in Harrow are a reflection of these demographic shifts. The borough has become a modern day hybrid featuring the best of all cultures and backgrounds when it comes to new business. amArtisanal bakeries, vegan restaurants, and speciality coffee shops have now joined the more typical and traditional shops in the area making it a more diverse and welcoming borough.


These changes show a younger, more diverse generation is taking a keen interest in business affairs, which is another indication of the borough’s shifting demographics as we head further into the 2020s.

Harrow has many places of worship for the varied religions represented. Just some of these include Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Harrow Central Mosque, Harrow United Synagogue, The Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Harrow Baptist Church and St Mary’s Church at Harrow on the Hill.

A look at Harrow's changing demographic profile Harrow Online
Harrow is truly a welcoming borough to all. Credit: Unsplash

The borough now has more vibrancy and energy, which is one advantage of the shifting demographic. Harrow is one of the most ethnically diverse in London, with 130 languages spoken and more than 70 different religions represented – believe it or not, there are actually more than 4,000 different religions in the world!.

As new families and young entrepreneurs establish themselves in Harrow, there is a feeling of freshness and opportunity unlike any other time in our history, it really is an exciting time, especially for the younger generations.

Because of Harrow’s diversity, there is always something intriguing and fresh to learn. The borough is buzzing with energy and imagination, hosting everything from art exhibitions and musical performances to food festivals and cultural celebrations.

Harrow Town Centre, in particular, is famous for its street markets featuring food from across the world. A blend of street food from the likes of Sri Lanka, Jamaica, India, China and Afghanistan – to name but a few countries represented. Indeed there are endless opportunities to discover new foods, arts, and entertainment forms across Harrow from other residents of a different background to yours.

A look at Harrow's changing demographic profile Harrow Online
All types of street food can be found in Harrow, especially the town centre. Credit: Unsplash

Harrow has a strong sense of community despite the numerous distinct cultures and ethnic groups that are represented here.

Individuals from different walks of life get together to embrace their differences and work together to improve the borough. Local gatherings that bring people together, such as community festivals, fundraising efforts, and cultural exchanges, help to promote this sense of oneness – something to be proud of.

Harrow’s shifting demographics are ultimately a good thing. It gives an opportunity for people from all backgrounds to come together and contribute to a thriving community, reflecting the diversity and vibrancy of London as a whole.





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