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Sir Roger Moore’s life in Stanmore

Many consider Sir Roger Moore to be one of the most recognisable performers to have ever been on our screens. He made a lasting impression on the entertainment business with his performances in the James Bond movies and TV shows like “The Saint” and “Maverick.”

But few people are aware that Moore lived in our very own Stanmore for a sizable portion of his life.

Moore, who was born in Stockwell, London, in 1927, was raised in Lambeth until his family relocated to neighbouring Streatham. He attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art after completing his education, where he developed his craft and started to establish himself in the theatre industry.

Sir Roger Moore's life in Stanmore Harrow Online
Roger Moore filming the Saint

Moore didn’t begin to appear on television until the 1950s, and then only in small parts on programmes like “Ivanhoe” and “The Alaskans.” However, in 1962 Moore got his big break when he was chosen to play Simon Templar in the British television series “The Saint,” which would go on to run for six seasons and make Roger Moore a household name.

The first season of “The Saint,” which debuted in 1962, lasted six seasons and a filmed a whopping 118 episodes. The television programme was based on the Leslie Charteris novels which chronicled the exploits of Simon Templar, played by Moore, a charming and sly thief who used his skills to aid those in need.

His name would come to represent the character. Moore portrayed Templar as stylish, classy and smart with a dry sense of humour and a propensity for mischief.

Sir Roger Moore's life in Stanmore Harrow Online
Sir Roger Moore. Credit: Allan Warren

Moore’s success in “The Saint” opened up more entertainment career options for him, including the opportunity to play James Bond in seven films between 1973 and 1985.

Moore remained devoted to his roots in Stanmore, where he had resided with his family since the 1960s, despite his widespread popularity.

Moore owned a large home in Stanmore, on Gordon Avenue to be exact, right next to Stanmore Golf Club.

The actor was well known for his passion for gardening and devoted a lot of time to caring for his prized roses and other plants.

He was also an avid golfer and frequently frequented the nearby club, where he had been a member for a long time.

Moore was considered to be a charming person who was liked by his neighbours in Stanmore despite his prominent notoriety. He had a reputation for being a personable and approachable character who was always ready to stop and talk to fans who saw him in the street. On one occasion, he is known to have played a hilarious prank on a local Harrow resident.

Sir Roger Moore's life in Stanmore Harrow Online
Gordon Avenue, Stanmore. Credit: Google

On May 23, 2017, Moore’s family confirmed his passing from liver and lung cancer at his residence in Switzerland. He was 89 years old. His death was a significant loss to both the entertainment business and his enormous global fan base.

For the residents of Stanmore, his memory lives on as a reminder of the kind, gentle and charming man who lived in their neighbourhood for such a long time.

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