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Harrow Council want your say on tall buildings

Harrow Council are asking for residents to provide feedback on tall buildings via a newly created consultation platform.

The council have launched a planning consultation on the subject via their new platform, MyHarrow Talk, which gives Harrow residents the opportunity to have their say on a number of local matters.

One of the topics on the platform is ‘Tall Buildings’ with Harrow Council going to consultation on a planning document regarding the height of buildings in suburban areas, which are outside of the Harrow and Wealdstone opportunity area.

The Council state that the supplementary planning document seeks to ‘add clarity as to what sort of developments the council will and won’t accept in lower rise suburban areas.’

Harrow Council want your say on tall buildings Harrow Online

In their latest newsletter, Harrow Council added: “MyHarrow Talk is a more interactive intuitive way for us to engage and consult with our residents and businesses, with opportunities to interact online, ask questions and find out more.

“We’ll add all our new consultations to MyHarrow Talk going forward. You can sign up now to be alerted to ones you are interested in.”

Councillor Marilyn Ashton, Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration, said it was “so important to introduce this, because it will help protect the character of our suburbs until a new Local Plan can be adopted, replacing the 2012 Core Strategy.”

She said: “People come to live in Harrow because of its Metroland, 1930s leafy areas, and they want to see that character retained.

“This SPD seeks to add clarity as to what the sort of developments the Council will and won’t accept in relation to the lower rise suburban areas. This represents another tool in our toolbox to protect the character of our suburbs.”

The consultation period runs from Monday 27 February 2023 to Monday 17 April 2023.