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Local MP launches petition for Harrow Town Centre to get its own policing team

Harrow’s local MP, Gareth Thomas, has launched a petition urging the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to provide more policing support for Harrow Town Centre. The move comes after a worrying 15% rise in crime in the area since 2010.

The petition has already gained a significant amount of support from local residents and business owners. Mr Thomas has expressed his concern about the increase in crime and the impact it is having on the community after the stabbing of a young man last week.

Mr Thomas said: “It astonishes me that last year, Harrow just missed out on a Town Centre Police team. Last week’s stabbing in our town centre only emphasised the need for one. According to Independent Crime Statistics, since 2010, crime has risen by 15% in Harrow. Our Town Centre is definitely in need of its own inspector, three sergeants and 21 police constables.”

Local MP launches petition for Harrow Town Centre to get its own policing team Harrow Online
Elmgrove Road/Station Road, Harrow (26 Feb).

Mr Thomas added via a video filmed in central Harrow: “I’m here in Harrow Town Centre where, sadly, just a few days ago, a young man just around the corner from here, was stabbed and seriously hurt. That case just underlines, even more, the need for extra investment in policing in our borough, and in particular our own town centre area.

“Last year, Harrow just missed out on getting extra police as part of a new town centre team. Town Centres like Uxbridge and Harlesden got a new town centre police team, but the Metropolitan Police decided not to allocate Harrow that extra police. I’ve been campaigning for more police in our borough, and I will keep up the pressure for an extra town centre police team to be allocated to Harrow.

The petition has gained support from local councillors and community leaders who are also concerned about the rise in crime. They believe that a dedicated policing team could help to address the root causes of crime and make the town centre a safer place for residents and visitors.

The petition is expected to be delivered to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner in the coming weeks, and Mr Thomas is hopeful that it will lead to a positive outcome for the community.

“Please sign my petition and add your voice and support to get more police into Harrow, thanks very much,” said Mr Thomas.

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