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Council considers area in Harrow Weald for potential conservation

Harrow Council is seeking the views of residents in West Drive and Bellfield Avenue, Harrow Weald on potential designation as a conservation area.

The consultation, which started on Feb 20, will run to 3 April 2023.

The proposed conservation area designation follows a review of potential places towards the end of last year. The council has identified West Drive and Bellfield Avenue in Harrow Weald as potential areas for designation, and they are now seeking community feedback on the proposal.

A conservation area is a designated area that is considered to have special architectural or historic interest, importance or unique features related to their buildings, townscape, or natural environment. The council has a duty to look after and enhance them.

The purpose of a conservation area designation is to protect and preserve the character, appearance, and heritage of the area.

Council considers area in Harrow Weald for potential conservation Harrow Online
Bellfield Avenue, Harrow Weald.

In a conservation area, there are additional planning controls in place to ensure that any new developments or changes to existing buildings are in keeping with the area’s character and history.

These controls can include restrictions on the types of materials that can be used for building works, regulations on the size and height of new buildings, and requirements for the preservation of certain features of existing buildings.

The consultation aims to inform the community about what a potential conservation area designation might mean for them and their neighbours, and to undertake a meaningful, inclusive, and transparent consultation to understand the local resident’s views on making the area a conservation area.

Locals are encouraged to read through the consultation materials, including the Cabinet report and the review of potential conservation areas, and to fill out the survey to let the council know their views on the potential inclusion of West Drive and Bellfield Avenue.

The feedback received during the consultation will be used to help make a final decision on whether or not to designate the area as a conservation area, including any changes to the proposed area. The council will also provide feedback to the community to let them know that their views have been listened to and acted upon.

Council considers area in Harrow Weald for potential conservation Harrow Online

If the area is designated as a conservation area, it will be subject to additional planning controls aimed at preserving the character and appearance of the area, including stricter regulations on building works and changes to the exterior of buildings.

Residents in West Drive and Bellfield Avenue are encouraged to participate in the consultation and have their say on the potential conservation area designation.