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Mother’s Day – Things to do in Harrow with your mum

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to let one of the most important people in our life know that we care. A day that should be filled with joy and compassion for our dearest loved one, as who is more deserving of such admiration than a mother whose love is as unconditional as they come?

So, in honour of the women who dedicate a good portion of their lives to us, and who indeed did have a hand in bringing us into the world, let’s explore some of the best mother’s day activities that Harrow has to offer.

Shopping spree!

The borough of Harrow has a wide variety of shopping centres that would offer as a great chance to treat your mother to an elaborate shopping venture.

There’s St Ann’s shopping centre, a signature attraction of the borough, the centre has 40 stores including many clothing brands such as H&M, New Look, M&S and many more. With two large floors including a food court, why not sit down for a nice meal at Burger King, Pizza Hut and Nando’s?

Mother’s Day - Things to do in Harrow with your mum Harrow Online
The St Anns Road entrance.

And whilst visiting perhaps give her a short history lesson – the shopping centre itself was opened by Princess Diana in 1987, and like many of our parents, she’d undoubtedly have fond nostalgic memories of our beloved “people’s princess.”

Another notable shopping centre and a main attraction in Harrow is our very own St Georges. Much like St Ann’s, the centre is expansive and encompasses a wide variety of stores that’ll undoubtedly entice your mother into a good opportunity to either window shop, or treat herself to anything she fancies. Don’t forget, however – you’re paying.

Arts and Culture

Every mum is unique in their own delightful way, but if yours is no philistine and has an appreciation for art, culture, dance and just general theatrics, why not take her for a day out at Harrow Art Centre?

The establishment runs many activities, giving you the opportunity to either get hands-on and take part in one of the many workshops that’ll be running, or sit back and relax and watch a performance by some of Harrow’s most entertaining performers.
More information can be found on the Harrow Arts Centre site, to confirm specific bookings for her special day.

Mother’s Day - Things to do in Harrow with your mum Harrow Online
Harrow Arts Centre


What better way to tell the woman who brought you into this world that you love her than by treating her to a hearty brunch at one of Harrow’s many eateries.

There are a variety of options when it comes to cuisine, but if you’re looking for good hearty British food why not pop into Sarah’s café for a visit? However, if you have the tolerance for a bit of spice why not try out Chennai Sri Lalitha?

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you may want to pay a visit to either Jasmine’s Café located on Kenton Road, or The new Lebanese restaurant in Harrow Town Centre

Each one of these establishments is highly regarded as the best brunch location Harrow has to offer according to TripAdvisor, so go bonkers for brunch and take your mum along for the ride!

Mother’s Day - Things to do in Harrow with your mum Harrow Online

Spa day!

Our mothers are prone to toil and fret over us endlessly, it’s only fair that on this day dedicated to them, they’re given an opportunity to put their feet up and relax. And what better way to wind down than taking her out for a soothing spa day?
Reyansh Ayurvedic Therapy Centre is a day spa located in Headstone Gardens in Harrow.

The centre practices Ayurvedic holistic remedy techniques to revive, rejuvenate and relax their clients. Using a non-invasive approach they pride themselves in taking an ancient traditional approach to the care of their clientele, amazingly offering a free 20-minute consultation to establish the specific health needs and prescribe appropriate treatment.

So, to give your mother a break from all the turmoil you give her, take her for a day to detox, cleanse and revitalise at Reyansh Ayurvedic Therapy Centre.

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