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Stripped and dumped vans found in Harrow Weald

In news from Harrow Weald this week, several vans have been found stripped and dumped in various roads across the area.

The vans that have been discovered so far have been completely gutted, with the bonnet and front of the vehicle removed before being abandoned. There have been at least three found since the end of last year.

Residents in Harrow Weald have reported the sightings of the stripped vans in Sefton Avenue at the junction with Stanhope Avenue, as well as in Adderley Road near Bishop Ken Road. The discovery of these abandoned vehicles has left many locals concerned and puzzled about who could be behind this.

Stripped and dumped vans found in Harrow Weald Harrow Online
The vans have been stripped and dumped.

Authorities have been informed of the situation, and Harrow Online have reached out to local police to find out more information.

Residents have been in touch with Harrow Online to highlight the issue concerned that they make the area appear ‘run down’.

Whatever the case may be, the discovery of these vans has left a sense of unease among the residents of Harrow Weald.

Harrow Online will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available.