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Community group warns of mobile phone thief in Edgware

A spate of mobile phone thefts in Edgware has led to warnings from a local community group.

Inside Edgware has urged people to be cautious when using their phones in public after reports of a teenager on a black electric bike with an orange stripe, snatching phones from unsuspecting victims.

“We have had a report come in about a teenager/young adult on a black electric bike with an orange stripe, going around snatching peoples phones out of their hands in Edgware,” said the Inside Edgware post.

“We have been made aware that he rides around looking for a victim then grabs the phone when he’s got the chance. This is the second time one of our members has witnessed this and both times have been in the morning.”

The post went on to describe the suspect as wearing all black with a black face mask, olive complexion and a mole on the top right side of his nose.

Inside Edgware also confirmed that the incidents have been reported to the police.

The warning has been taken seriously by many residents in the area, who are now more aware of their surroundings when using their phones.

Commenting on the post, one person said: “Happened to me in front of the old Railway pub in November, same description of the thief.”

Another person remarked: “This description rings a bell…I had a lad trying to use my address selling a stolen mobile phone the other week, 15 years old and he tried to selling one to a middle age woman.”