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Police provide advice for residents regarding beggars in Belmont Circle

Police have provided an update regarding crime and beggars within the Belmont Circle area within the last week.

Constable Toby Wilson posted an update on the OWL website welcoming new users and providing a crime update in the area. The update mentioned that since the last crime update on March 5th, there has been only one attempted burglary reported in the area.

The attempted burglary took place on March 17th on Bellamy Drive, where two young males with hoods and yellow gloves tried to enter a house under renovation by jumping over a neighbour’s fence. They attempted to enter the patio doors but were unable to do so, possibly because the homeowner had an alarm and camera installed.

The police suspect that the burglars may have been looking for builders’ tools. No items were taken, and the burglars were unable to gain entry due to the homeowner’s security measures.

Police provide advice for residents regarding beggars in Belmont Circle Harrow Online

In other news, the police reported that a car was opened on Coledale Drive on March 19th, but nothing of value was taken. Additionally, the police held a Cuppa with a Copper event on March 21st at the Canons Community Center, where Councillor Patel was in attendance. Unfortunately, no one came to speak to the officers.

The police also announced that they will be visiting religious venues in the area with Ramadan approaching. They will be raising awareness of hate crimes and the importance of reporting any incidents. The police also expressed their commitment to working with communities to tackle all forms of hate crime.

Furthermore, the police reported that they have been working with the council to provide support for homeless beggars in the area. The police are monitoring Belmont Circle for beggars and have secured housing for two of them with the help of the council. The police advise against offering beggars money or gift cards but welcome food donations. They remind residents that food banks and other local charities are also available to support those in need.

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